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What Channel is ABC on DirecTV: Satellite TV has been one of the prime options for most of your entertainment needs. If you have been someone who is into satellite television, DirecTV is perhaps one of the prime options you would have been on. DirecTV is one of the prime options for the best satellite TV service provider ever.

If you are a satellite TV subscriber, finding the channel numbers of the TV service can be a difficult task. Assuming you are one of the ardent ABC followers, have found it extremely difficult to check what channel is ABC on DirecTV? Well, we will help you find out easily.

What Channel is ABC on DirecTV

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What channel is ABC on DirecTV?

If you have subscribed to one of those extravagant and all-around Satellite TV packages on DirecTV, it should be a huge issue finding your favorite channel. So, how to find an ABC channel DirecTV position? Well, before you can expect us to provide you with the DirecTV ABC channel number, let us make it clear that the channel number differs based on the location.

With DirecTV which has more than 330 different channels, you need to virtually flip through hundreds of channels before you can find what channel is ABC news on DirecTV. Or better, now that you have come to us to find out, we will help you find out the right DirecTV ABC channel number.

Here are the channels number for finding what channel is ABC on DirecTV. Hope you will find the right channel number based on your exact requirements. We checked through the official DirecTV site to find the ABC channel DirecTV numbers and prepared this table to assist you in finding the right channel number and do away with the need for shuffling through the different channels and channels packages. Go through the table here and find what channel is ABC news on DirecTV.


ABC Channel Number on DIRECTV

New York City, NY 7
Los Angeles, CA 7
Chicago, IL 7
Houston, TX 13
Phoenix, AZ 15
Philadelphia, PA 6
San Antonio, TX 12
San Diego, CA 10
Dallas, TX 8
San Jose, CA 7
Austin, TX 24
Fort Worth, TX 8
San Francisco, CA 7
Columbus, OH 6
Charlotte, NC 9
Seattle, WA 4
Washington, DC 7
Boston, MA 5
Nashville, TN 2
Detroit, MI 7
Oklahoma City, OK 5
Memphis, TN 24
Louisville, KY 11
Baltimore, MD 2
Milwaukee, WI 12
Albuquerque, NM 7
Tucson, AZ 9
Fresno, CA 30
Sacramento, CA 10
Mesa, AZ 15
Atlanta, GA 2
Kansas City, MO 9
Colorado Springs, CO 13
Miami, FL 10
Oakland, CA 7
Minneapolis, MN 5
Arlington, TX 8
Tampa, FL 28
New Orleans, LA 26

Could not find your region on the table above? Or could not find your preferred channel on the channel number we specified? Well, you can make use of the Channel Lookup tool offered by DirecTV. You can simply visit the official site for finding the right channel on this lookup tool.

ABC on DirecTV – An Overview

ABC launched as the American Broadcasting Company is a commercial broadcasting service that launched in 1943. Owned by the Walt Disney Company, it has been a flagship TV service and has never looked back ever since its launch.

ABC has been providing programs in practically every genre – and has been able to cater to all the states, ages, and preferences. Some of the worthy mentions that have made the channel popular include Happy Days, Threes Company, Perfect Strangers, and similar other shows. One of the prime options can include America’s Funniest Home Videos. You would also find them launching a few world-class services that include Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Lost, NYPD Blue, and Modern Family.

What packages can you Get the DirecTV ABC channel on DirecTV?

DirecTV offers half a dozen packages that they love to call all round packages. You can pick any of the following packages to get ABC on DirecTV.


Channel Count

XTRA 235

With DirecTV, you can get access to Live TV, 40,000 On-Demand options, free GENIE HD DVR with 200 HD hours of recording, and many more advanced features and amenities.

So, what do you think you are waiting for? Jump on to the DirecTV bandwagon and get access to the wonderful collection of TV shows ranging across several genres right away! A wide range of sitcoms or romcoms, or even an intense movie to watch with your family – ABC has everything that everyone in your family would want to enjoy. If you are looking for one of the best binge watching experience, ABC on DirecTV should be your best bet for almost all your entertainment requirements. You can even enjoy the best of the binge watching experience on ABC with shows such as Dear Santa, Santa Baby, My Fake Fiancé, and many more.

Well, that is how you would enjoy the DirecTV ABC channel without the need to worry about what channel is ABC on DirecTV.

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