What Channel is PBS on Directv? Find Your Favorite Channels

What Channel is PBS on Directv: Planning a huge binge watching on the weekend? DirecTV should be your one stop solution for this purpose. And then, if you have PBS on DirecTV – that should be something equivalent to something great on earth in terms of entertainment. If you are looking to find what channel is PBS on DirecTV, the tips here should help you find it right here!

The PBS channel on DIRECTV brings you diverse programming from a multitude of genres. Whether you love drama, documentaries, fine arts, history, home improvement, independent films, interviews, music, public affairs, science, or even children’s programs — PBS offers a lot of juicy options to fuel your TV sprees.

What Channel is PBS on Directv

DirecTV PBS Channel – What you should now?

PBS or Public Broadcasting Service is an American TV program distribution service founded in 1969. The channel primarily focusses on education-related programs and has been known for the best in class educational content ever.

In sharp contrast to the other TV services in the US such as ABC, CBS, or NBC, you will not find PBS to be profit oriented. The initiative is funded by several sources that include private foundations, pledge drives, individual Americans, and a host of other sources.

The PBS channel on DirecTV caters to the programs that reach up to several genres. The programs broadcast on PBS cover a huge range of areas that include documentaries, dramas, interviews, music, and science. Some of the popular programs you can witness on PBS Direct tv channel number can include America’s Test Kitchen American Experience, Barney and Friends, Downtown Abbey, Nova, Sesame Street, Teletubbies, and The PBS NewsHour.

In case you love British costume dramas or even science fiction or comedies, PBS on DirecTV offers you access to an enhanced experience.

What Channel is PBS on DirecTV?

If you are trying to find PBS Direct tv channel number, you should note that the location and availability of the channel number are dependent on the state or region you belong to.

The following table should ideally help you to find what channel is PBS on DirecTV –


PBS on DIRECTV Channel Number

New York City, NY 13 21 49 50
Chicago, IL 11 20 56
Los Angeles, CA 24 50 58
Houston, TX 8
Phoenix, AZ 8
Philadelphia, PA 12 23 39
San Antonio, TX 9
San Diego, CA 15
Dallas, TX 13
San Jose, CA 9 22 54
Austin, TX 18
Fort Worth, TX 13
San Francisco, CA 9 22
Columbus, OH 20 34
Charlotte, NC 30 42 58
Seattle, WA 9 28
Washington, DC 22 26 32
Boston, MA 2 11 44
Nashville, TN 8 22
Detroit, MI 56
Oklahoma City, OK 13
Memphis, TN 10 18
Louisville, KY 15 68
Baltimore, MD 22
Milwaukee, WI 10 36
Albuquerque, NM 5 3
Tucson, AZ 6
Fresno, CA 18
Sacramento, CA 6
Mesa, AZ 8
Atlanta, GA 8 30
Kansas City, MO 19
Colorado Springs, CO 8
Miami, FL 2 17
Oakland, CA 9 22 54
Minneapolis, MN 2 10 17 22
Arlington, TX 13
Tampa, FL 3 16
New Orleans, LA 12

If you find your city is not listed here, or do not find PBS channel on the numbers listed here, you can refer to the official channel lookup tool.

A few FAQ’s

What is DirecTV Now PBS?

  • PBS is not available on any of the live streaming services and that includes DirecTV Now. Please note that DirecTV Now has now been renamed to AT&T TV Now.

What Channel is PBS on AT&T TV?

  • PBS is not available on AT&T Now. However, you may watch a host of other popular American TV channels on AT&T TV.

What Channel is PBS on DIRECTV in Illinois?

  • The channel number of PBS on DirecTV depends on your location. You can find the channel on 11,20 or 56 if you are in Illinois. You may also check the channel lookout tool to find the channel of your preference.

Is PBS on DIRECTV Los Angeles?

  • Yes, PBS on DirecTV is available in Los Angeles. You should be able to get access to the channel on the number 24, 50, or 58.

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