Spectrum Silver Channel List – Prices, Features, Lineup, Support

Spectrum Silver Channel List: Spectrum cable service in the US has been one of the prominent options and has been a truly wonderful service with an advanced list of channels, features, and a host of other plus points. If you are looking to get access to an enhanced experience in achieving the best results in high-quality entertainment.

If you are looking for the best degree of entertainment, you can pick between Spectrum Select, Spectrum Gold package, and Spectrum Silver package.

Spectrum Silver Channel List

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Spectrum Silver Channel List – What can you get on the Package?

The Spectrum Silver package comes with about 50 exclusive packs. Some of the networks available on the package include

  • HBO
  • NFL Network
  • Showtime
  • Action Max

The Silver package Spectrum service offers you a few of the excellent features. You can have access to over 175 channels as part of the package. The channel package includes a wide range of popular networks such as HBO, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, NFL Network, and other well-known service providers. The availability of free HD service quality is one of the excellent options that you stand to gain with the Spectrum Silver channel line up.

Apart from the TV services, you can also get access to a huge number of movies and on-demand TV shows as part of the package. In addition to enjoying your TV services on your television, you can also enjoy the on the go TV services through the Spectrum TV app.

The Spectrum Silver package comes with a pricing of 69.99 per month for twelve months.

If you are checking out the Spectrum TV Silver & Spectrum Internet is a slight upgrade that can prove to be one of the excellent options. Apart from the above features, you would find that there are a few additional features that form part of your package.

A few extra features include

  • FREE DVR Service for your first box
  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • No modem charges
  • Unlimited Calling, Voicemail, and Private Listing

The Spectrum TV silver with Spectrum Internet package would cost you $114.98 per month for 12 months.

Why should you get the Spectrum Silver Package?

There are several reasons that would make the Silver package Spectrum one of the excellent options.

  • The amazing and spectacular Spectrum Silver channel line up is a great option in itself. You get access to a huge list of channels that include several genres across entertainment, sports, kids, and news channel in high quality.
  • It provides you access to premium channels at affordable pricing. Some of the excellent options that it offers you would include Showtime, HBO, and Cinemax.
  • Very affordable pricing is what would provide you with enhanced performance quality.
  • High-end HD service quality can be yet another huge plus point that you would find quite impressive.
  • Access to a huge number of amazing on-demand content. More than 10000 on-demand titles should indeed make it a great choice.
  • A perfect and extraordinary customer service quality

Spectrum Gold vs Silver Packages – A Comparison

The major difference between Spectrum Gold vs Silver packages lies in the number of services and channels available as part of the packages. While Spectrum Silver channel line-up comes with over 175 different channels, you will get around 200 channels on the Gold package. The availability of premium channels such as TMC, STARZ, and Cinemax to name a few.

You can also get 3D movie services as part of the package in addition to the HD on-demand content. That should further enhance your experience.

Check out the best options offered by the different packages on the silver package and get access to the perfect options and features for your needs.

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