Spectrum Installation Fee & Hidden Cost For 2021

Spectrum Installation Fee: Spectrum is the brand name for the internet and other services offered by Charter communications. The service does provide you access to several services under one umbrella and a few of the services offered by Charter Communications include telephone services, internet services, and cable television.

What are Spectrum standard rates and how much is Spectrum Internet after 12 months? We will find a little more information about the best options offered by the service provider along with the Spectrum hidden costs.

Spectrum Installation Fee

How much is the Spectrum installation fee?

Spectrum charges a one-time fee of $49.99 for installation fees. The Spectrum installation will involve the services offered by the professional visiting your home for completing the installation of the equipment at your home.

In fact, the Spectrum installation fee is considerably lower when you compare it to the charges from other cable service providers. If you do not want to pay the Spectrum installation fee, you can consider buying a self-install kit. The self-install kit is rather simple and easy to handle and if you are confident, it may be worthwhile to opt for the same.

What is Spectrum Internet Standard Rates?

The Spectrum internet standard rates include a wide range of costs involved in it. The complete breakup of the Spectrum internet plan includes the following components –

  • Standard Installation fee – $ 49.99
  • WiFi activation fee – $ 9.99
  • Reconnection fees – $ 4.99
  • Internet Equipment fees – Included in the final quote
  • Late payment fees – $ 8.95
  • Data Overage fee – No

What are Spectrum Prices after 12 months?

After you have availed of the services for 12 months, you will have to pay an additional fee of $21 if you are opting for the internet service. For the bundled service, you will have to spend $25 more. The promotional prices are not applicable after the completion of the first year. Of course, you may also want to negotiate for the pricing and can get a better price since you are an existing customer.

As for the Internet only plans, you can opt for the plan that costs you $ 49.99 per month. The plan offers you access to a speed of up to 100 Mbps. The actual speed you get on your connection will be dependent on the region that you have opted for the connection. The Spectrum Internet standard rates come into force one or two years after the promotional period ends. However, one of the best options offered by Spectrum internet lies in the fact that it does not come with an agreement or contract. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the subscriptions at any moment and you will not incur any additional cost.


How Much is Spectrum Internet After 12 Months?

  • The Internet-only service will be increase by $ 21 per month and the bundled service will be hiked by $ 25 a month. You can cancel your subscription if it does not meet your budget.

How to get a discount with Spectrum?

  • If you are a regular and existing customer with a long standing relationship with Spectrum, you can perhaps get a discount by calling them up. It would be advisable to have the information on your previous bills and also a little info on the competition.

How Long Before Spectrum Disconnects You for Late Payment?

  • Spectrum charges you late payment fees if you delay your payments for any reason. The charges would be $ 8.95. Your connection will work for a period of 30 days before you charged any fees.

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