Which Channel Number is Hallmark on Spectrum TV?

Spectrum Hallmark Channel: So, you are a Charter Spectrum user and have a huge number of channels on your service. But how would you pick the right channel from among a huge list of channels available under your package? Let us say, you are a fan of the Hallmark Channel on Spectrum, how to find what channel is Hallmark on Spectrum? Let us help you out in finding the details with ease.

If you randomly stumbled upon it here, we do not want to confuse you. You must be thinking ‘why Hallmark? right? Well, Hallmark has remained a favorite of families and couples alike since 2001. So why would not you want to marathon through each movie and TV show with your loved ones? Sounds like a plan, no?

If you are looking for the right method to how to download the spectrum app on firestick, you need to follow few easy steps only. This app is available on some Firestick television devices. If Amazon is not allowing you to download as per your location, you need to download it from a third-party source.

Spectrum Hallmark Channel

What Channel is Hallmark on Spectrum?

Finding your favorite channel from a sea of channels can definitely be a difficult task in every respect. The major problem with the Spectrum TV channel lineup or for that matter any similar service is that the channel number is region or state-specific.

If you are still wondering about the Spectrum Hallmark channel number, the following table would be helpful in getting access to the best options –


Channel Number

Austin, TX 39
Bakersfield, CA 60
Birmingham, AL 72 & 736
Charlotte, NC 23
Cincinnati, OH 32
Cleveland, OH 40
Dallas, TX 82
Fort Worth, TX 83 & 815
Houston, TX 77 & 815
Los Angeles, CA 88
New York, NY 84
Orlando, FL 51
Reno, NV 90 & 737
Rochester, NY 40
Saint Louis, MO 26 & 736
San Antonio, TX 53
Tampa, FL 68

You can easily find the location of the Hallmark Drama channel on Spectrum by checking out the above table. If you do not find your channel or region in the table, you can always get in touch with Charter Spectrum customer service to get information on how to get access to the right channel number in your region.

What’s on Hallmark tonight on Spectrum – What to Watch on Hallmark?

Now that you have found what channel is Hallmark Drama on Spectrum, how about checking out what to watch on hallmark? Here are a few great shows you can enjoy on Hallmark –

Christmas Cookie Countdown

The Christmas Cookie Countdown is a cooking show with a huge difference. The show is hosted in five episodes and comprises the cookery shows with a twist. It involves the home chefs competing with each other and judged by the master chefs.

Christmas Town

This is a Christmas movie and offers you an enchanting experience for your Christmas season. It follows the story of Lauren Gabriel, who wants to settle down in a nice little town and discusses her experience with different people she meets en route.


This is a series of 10 mystery films released by the Hallmark Channel between 2005 and 2008.

The Convenient Groom

This is the story of a celebrity marriage counselor whose boyfriend ditches her on the wedding day. She finds her contract trying to save her as she stands perplexed at the altar.

A few other shows that can provide an enhanced experience  include

  • The Golden Girls (Current)
  • I Love Lucy (Current)
  • The Brady Brunch
  • Dog City
  • ALF
  • The Middle
  • Family Ties
  • The Munsters
  • Muppets Tonight
  • Aliens in the Family
  • The Equalizer
  • Gunsmoke
  • Empty Nest
  • The Virginian

Why should you have Hallmark on your Spectrum Service?

Hallmark is one of the popular and American TV channels and is owned by Crown Media Holdings. Launched in 1988, the service has been successfully catering to the international market as well.

With a huge list of syndicated movies and TV shows, it offers you access to a huge list of advanced programming options. Some of these shows are produced by Hallmark, and a few others are acquired by Hallmark.

Get access to the best entertainment through the Hallmark channel on Spectrum and pick the best options for your needs.

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