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What Channel is CBS on Spectrum: So you are planning to enjoy the best possible comedy and other TV shows. Nothing can provide you an enhanced experience than the CBS channel. The CBS network is known for an enhanced degree of experience entertainment with movies, TV shows, and the daily news analysis. If you are on Spectrum and looking for the best experience of CBS on Spectrum, it is essential to check what channel is CBS on Spectrum.

CBS has a nationwide reach of 96% of households in the United States, which accumulates to around 300 million Americans. The network also offers video-on-demand through its application that is available on various platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows.

CBS on Spectrum

What channel is CBS on Spectrum?

Being one of the prime channels and networks in the US, CBS is available on almost all prominent cable TV services. You will also find it on the Spectrum tv app on fire tv as well, but the Spectrum CBS channel number does differ from one state to another.

If you are on Spectrum, you would indeed come across the easy to use and simple Program Guide on your service. You can easily get the information on what channel is CBS on Spectrum through the program guide.

The table below should provide you easy information on how to pick the right Spectrum CBS channel number depending on where you live.

City, State

CBS Channel Number

Akron, OH 4
Cleveland, OH 4 & 1004
Cincinnati, OH 12
Canton, OH 4
Columbus, OH 10
Tampa-St., FL 10 & 1010
Petersburg, FL 10 & 1010
Daytona Beach, FL 6 & 1060
Melbourne, FL 5 & 1016
Lexington, KY 9
Louisville, KY 5
Jeffersonville, KY 5
Raleigh, NC 6
Durham, NC 2
Fayetteville, NC 10
Greensboro, NC 9
High Point, NC 9
Milwaukee, WI 5
Rochester, NY 8
San Antonio, TX 3
Dallas, TX 11 & 781
Park Cities, TX 11 & 781
Ft. Worth, TX 11 & 781
Birmingham, AL 3 & 1003

A Brief History into CBS

CBS or The Columbia Broadcasting System has been around for the last 93 years and is a great and a perfect service provider for almost all your needs in an enhanced experience ever in terms of the best ever entertainment. CBS has been the flagship channel of CBS Entertainment Group and has been operating in New York and Los Angeles regions.

CBS does have a reach of up to 96 percent of all the households in the United States. The channel offers you access to over 300 million Americans. The network does come with advanced features such as an on-screen TV guide and several options for video-on-demand services. The service also operates smartphone applications across different operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

What can You watch on CBS?

CBS does provide you access to several programs ranging across multiple genres that include comedy, drama, and news. A few of the shows offered on the platform would include the following –


It showcases a few of the classic Sherlock Holmes shows authored by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Each of the episodes has a special twist to offer you a high degree of service quality.


Gunsmoke is the second-largest broadcasting service in the history of the US TV series. The series has successfully run for over 20 seasons.

The Guardian

The show traces the story of Nick Fallin, a Pittsburgh attorney who is sentenced to 1500 hours of community service for drug charges.

What Channel is CBS Sports on Spectrum?

CBS Sports is yet another practical option for an enhanced experience on sporting events. The CBS Sports channel on Spectrum can be accessed on the following channel numbers in multiple states –

City, State

CBS Sports Channel Number

Cincinnati, OH 322
Cleveland, OH 322
Canton, OH 322
Columbus, OH 531
Akron, OH 322
Tampa-St., FL 139
Petersburg, FL 139
Daytona Beach, FL 106
Melbourne, FL 106
Lexington, KY 531
Louisville, KY 531
Jeffersonville, KY 531
Birmingham, AL 425
Raleigh, NC 315
Durham, NC 315
Fayetteville, NC 315
Greensboro, NC 315
Charlotte, NC 315
High Point, NC 315
Milwaukee, WI 322
Rochester, NY 315
San Antonio, TX 315
Park Cities, TX 290 & 706
Dallas, TX 290 & 706
Ft. Worth, TX 290 & 706

Now that you are aware of the Spectrum CBS channel in your region, nothing should stop you from enjoying the channels to your heart’s content.

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