How to Change Wifi Password Spectrum – (2021 Updated Version)

How to Change Wifi Password Spectrum: Spectrum TV is one of many other applications available for watching anything through online media. It supplies live TV channels, movies, and shows for people’s choice. If you have subscribed to Spectrum Internet, you will need to have access to good connectivity with the best connection even on your devices. However, there are some situations where you would find that you are forced to change your Spectrum WiFi password.

Of course, the first time you would change it would be when you change the default password to something that is quite personal to you. There are times you may need to change the Spectrum WiFi password for several reasons. If you are wondering how to change my Spectrum WiFi password, the following information should be helpful for you.

How to Change Wifi Password Spectrum

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Best ways on How to Change WiFi Password on Spectrum?

Before you can change your WiFi password, you should find your default password. Windows and mac provide you’re their own options to find it if you have forgotten it. If you are looking to change the default password to a new password, you can find the default password on the product label.

Here is how to change Spectrum WiFi password –

  • Sign in to your Spectrum account.
  • If you do not have an account listed with Spectrum, you can create one.
  • Locate the option Services
  • Pick the option that says Internet
  • Choose the down arrow in blue color. This will provide you information on details of your gateway
  • This will display your SSID and password.
  • Click on the Update option
  • Make the necessary changes as per your requirements and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Once the changes are applied, click on Save Changes.

That should explain and answer your question on how to change my Spectrum WiFi password.

The Username and Password for the Different Routers

If you are looking ahead to find how to change your WiFi name on Spectrum along with a password, you need to have access to the default username and password to get access to your router or device.

The following table should provide you access to a good number of options from this perspective.




Arris DG1670A admin password
Arris DG860A admin password
Arris TG1672G admin password
Arris TG852G admin password
AArris TG862G admin password
Technicolor/Thomson/RCA TCM8715D admin password
Technicolor/Thomson/RCA TC8717T admin password
Technicolor/Thomson/RCA DWG875A (Not required) admin
Ubee/Ambit DDW3611 user user
Ubee/Ambit DDW365 user user
Ubee/Ambit DDW36C admin (See Device Label)
Ubee/Ambit DVW3201B admin user
Ubee/Ambit DVW32CB admin (See Device Label)

Once you have unlocked your modem control panel, look for the options such as Wireless, SSID, Gateway Name, or Network on the main menu. Your password may also be represented by the term WPA Pre-Shared Key.

How Can you find who is connected to your WiFi Network?

The Spectrum WiFi device management portal on your device lets you know the number of users connected to your WiFi. In fact, if you find there are many unrecognized users connected to your Spectrum WiFi connection, it is time for you need to find how to change the WiFi password on Spectrum.

You just need to login to your router or device and look for the option that shows Device Management Portal. It will show you all the users c=currently connected to your WiFi network. You may also find the history of the devices that may have been connected to your Spectrum device in the past.

If you find an unrecognized user connected to your Spectrum WiFi account, take action to change your WiFi password by following the steps outlined in the above tutorial. It is also worth mentioning that it is recommended to only use complex combinations when choosing a new password. There are numerous password managers out there that could be utilized for this, such as NordPass

How to change the Spectrum WiFi Password Online?

If you have registered your online Spectrum WiFi account, you can change your WiFi password online. This can be useful when you are not connected to the router at the time and want to change the password.

Here is how to change the WiFi password on Spectrum?

  • Launch a web browser
  • Visit
  • Enter your Spectrum username and password.
  • Click on Services

The rest of the steps would be similar to the steps that we discussed above.

How to change my Spectrum WiFi password on Mobile App?

You can also use the mobile app for changing your Spectrum WiFi password. You can find the My Spectrum App on your smartphone. You can find the respective app on your respective app stores.

  • Launch the app and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Enter your Spectrum username and password.
  • Click on Sign in to the service
  • Tap on View & Edit Network Info.
  • Type in your new password or network name.
  • Save your changes.

Well, those were a few of the options that would be helpful in how to change the Spectrum WiFi password. Check them out and use whichever method best suits your needs.

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