Download & Play Zelda Breath Of The Wild On PC With Cemu

Cemu Breath of the Wild: Are you a fan of Breath of the Wild PC game? If you are one of them, you can now play the game of CEMU emulator. Unlike the other modes like VR modes we played in the past, Breath of the Wild CEMU emulator provides you access to a steady 60 fps performance. No matter which machine or device you are on and whichever resolution your device supports, you can now be assured of steady performance.

The entire game can now be played in first person mode. In fact, the ability to play the game in 4K is an added advantage! The experience is quite excellent, and the entire game looks quite new and perfect. Technology has changed the way of gaming as well. Earlier we had games with a simple interface and architecture. But now, gaming has got more advanced and gamers are now able to enjoy 3D gaming with characters which can show real life-like expressions.

cemu breath of the wild

How to Play Breath of the Wild PC Game?

Well, the Breath of the Wild game has not yet been made available for PC. If you want to play the game on your PC, you would need to have access to the Breath of the Wild emulator. One such excellent emulator is the CEMU emulator.

CEMU Emulator is one of the excellent options for playing your favorite Nintendo gaming console and Wii U games on a PC. In fact, you can play the games specifically made for the gaming consoles even on your Windows PC. The CEMU emulator works efficiently with 64 bit Windows devices. If you have a computer that supports 64 bit, you can enjoy your favorite console games on your PC.

Having understood that, let us check out the CEMU Breath of the Wild game on your PC. To use CEMU, you need to check if you have the updated motherboard drivers, GPU Drivers, and Audio drivers. If they are not updated, make sure they are updated.

The System Requirements for the Breath of the Wild PC download would be –

  • 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 or AMD Radeon™ equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Intel® Core™ i3 or AMD Phenom
  • 4 GB RAM
  • At least 8 GB available space

Download the official website for the CEMU emulator. Make sure you download the latest version of the software. Next, download the compatible CEMU Hook software. Make sure the hook software you download is fully compatible with the CEMU emulator. Follow the instructions on the CEMU official page to configure and install your copy of the CEMU emulator.

Once the emulator is installed successfully, download and configure Breath of the Wild breath ROM.

What makes Breath of the Wild Emulator a Great Choice?

Well, we have several reasons that would make it one of the most preferred options. Of course, playing the game on the official platform is always a preferred option. But, why would we recommend opting for an emulator? Here are our reasons for opting for Breath of the Wild CEMU –

It offers you excellent graphics – The CEMU Breath of the Wild emulator provides you access to higher limits on your gaming. While the game runs at 720p at around 30fps on a Nintendo console, the emulator offers you a 4K@60fps.

Ease of Use – Using a console will need you to have access to different configurations and setups. On a PC, you do not need any of those additional requirements.

High-end flexibility – The CEMU emulator provides you with a high degree of flexibility. You can use any type of controller for your needs.

Of course, the Breath of the Wild PC game is one of the excellent options for your pleasure of playing the best possible gaming ever. The emulator does not take the place of a controller in your gaming paraphernalia, but it offers you an excellent and perfect option to play your games in a better manner.

How to Play BOTW On PC Using CEMU?

Here are the things you would have to download first to get Zelda PC game

  • 7Zip
  • DirectX
  • C++ Redistributable

Now, another set of software that you need to download in your device are-

  • Cemu
  • Cemu Hook
  • Graphics Packs
  • Shader Cache

How to Install CEMU Emulator for Legend of Zelda PC

  • Go to the official website of the Cemu emulator and download the latest version of this software.
  • Using 7Zip software, unzip the downloaded file.
  • In this step, you would need to download the Cemu Hook software which should be compatible with the version of cemu you have downloaded.
  • Now, move to the file you have extracted in the previous step.
  • Extract the file in the Cemu folder in which you have moved it. After extraction, you can remove the zipped file if you want.

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