What Are The Better Discord Plugins In 2021【Updated】

Better Discord Plugins: Discord, as we all are aware, is one of the most preferred and best communication tools for gamers. However, there are situations where you would find that the Discord is not working as you would have expected it. In those circumstances, it would be a good idea to look for alternatives, and Better Discord is one of the excellent alternatives to Discord.

But, have you ever come across a situation where Better Discord is not working? Let us check out the options to resolve the issue. A few notable Discord plugins that are available right now include: Character Counter – Adds a character counter to your textarea. Complete Timestamps – Replace all timestamps with complete timestamps (customizable)

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What are the better Discord Plugins?

If you manage a Discord server, you are always on the lookout for cool and new plugins to make your server interesting. You are in luck as we have a list of the best plugins to check out that will keep your server fresh and interesting.

  • Patreon Integration

Patreon for Discord can be automatically synced Patreon patrons to a Discord role. Let’s you provide exclusive access to private rooms and allow different roles based on which rewards patrons subscribe to.

  • Metro for Discord

Metro for Discord is a great custom theme based on Microsoft’s Modern Design Language, named ‘Metro’. Latest version: 3.4.3

  • Discord Easy Share Free

Discord Easy Share Free is a Discord plugin for Chrome that lets you share your current tab URL page with a previously configured Discord chat, just with a right-click.

  • Discordyst

Discord fun for Duelyst lovers! Discordsyt is a plugin powered by DuelystDB for BetterDisord and Chrome that enables you for sending card features in a nice format.

  • Mixer Integration

Mixer Integration provides Discord to automatically sync your Mixed subs to a Discord role connecting with your Mixer account. You can also make a private room for them to discuss how awesome they are.

  • ChatFliter

ChatFliter is a plugin for Discord that allows users to censor and block certain words within their respective chat windows.

  • CustomNotifications

CustomNotifications is a Discord plugin from GitHub which allows users to customize the notification sound on their Discord application.

  • FlareBot

Flarebot is an easy to use music and server administration bot that can be used in Discord. This bot can also load plenty of songs including those that were on YouTube.

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What is Better Discord?

Better Discord is one of the best alternatives for a regular Discord. However, there are several advantages and comes with a few huge advantages when compared to Discord. In fact, Better Discord comes with access to several Better Discord plugins and other essential elements that would make it one of the excellent options.

What features does it offer you? Well, there are a few good features that it offers you. To begin with, it lets you customize it to your liking. There are several Better Discord themes available. You can even use the minimized model to use it without the need for any sort of cluttered interface. You can use it with customized plugins or themes.

Is Better Discord safe for use?

Well, yes. Better Discord is absolutely safe to use. There are plenty of people who are using it and have found it provides exceptional service. In fact, the possibility of controlling every aspect of the service can be what would make it a great choice.

How to install Better Discord?

If you want to install Better Discord, you need to install Discord first. If you haven’t installed Discord, install it first. If you already have Discord, you can proceed to the next step. You can install Discord from the official link. Once installed, create a new account or sign in with your existing account.

Next, install a better Discord from this link. Make sure you have chosen the right operating system to ensure that you are installing the right version. Once the installation menu appears, click on Install BandagedBD. Wait till Better Discord is installed on your computer.

Better Discord not working on your computer?

You may find at times that better Discord is not working on your device. Such a situation can happen after an update. If you find that Better Discord is not working on your computer, the steps here should work efficiently.

To begin with, check if you have installed a new plugin or theme recently. In that case, uninstalling the theme or plugin should ideally resolve the issue in your case. The best way to do it would be to move all your themes and plugins to some other directory.

If this does not solve the issue, you can uninstall Discord and Better Discord and check if this resolves the issue for you. If not, you may need to reach out to Discord support.

In essence, Better Discord is an excellent tool and should assist you in customizing your Discord installation the way you would want to. There are hundreds of Better Discord themes and Better Discord Plugins available, and each of them would be an excellent choice. Each plugin and theme offers you access to added functionality and features. So, just go ahead and check if your Better Discord installation improves your experience further ahead.

1 Patreon Integration Software 8 Free
2 Metro for Discord Software 3 Free
3 Discord Easy Share Free Software 0 Free
4 Discordyst Software 0 Free
5 Mixer Integration Software 0 Free
6 ChatFliter Software 0 Free
7 CustomNotifications Software 0 Free
8 FlareBot Other -1 Paid

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