7 Best Android Voicemail App 2021 [Updated]

Best Android Voicemail App: Voicemail is perhaps one of the simplest and easiest options for the best possible communication in your busy time. It can be a great tool when you find it rather difficult to type a text message. The Android voicemail app or the voicemail apps for any operating system can be a great option for communicating with your friends, colleagues, and everyone with ease.

Voicemail is a simple and very useful tool to have, but it also costs extra. Luckily, app developers have taken advantage of the popularity of smartphones and created voicemail apps that users can download and try.

Best Android Voicemail App


How do Android Voicemail Applications Work?

The voicemail app on Android works, in the same way, that voice call apps or messaging apps work. These services send your voicemails through the internet. The technology makes use of VoIP technology to send and receive messages.

Do note that these apps will make use of your data plan and WiFi internet data. These apps can use your data quite incessantly. That would mean you need to make use of these tools sparingly if you are on a budget data plan. However, if you are using s home internet plan – it may be a great option for almost all your needs in an enhanced experience.

Free Cross Platform Voicemail Apps

  • Pinger
  • Fusion Voicemail
  • YouMail Visual Voicemail
  • Libon – free calls & Voicemail
  • HulloMail Free SmartVoicemail

Free Voicemail Apps for Android

  • AT&T Visual Voicemail
  • Google Voice

Free Voicemail Apps for iOS

  • Straight to Voicemail
  • AT&T Voicemail Viewer (Home)
  • Line2

Should you go with the Paid Services for the Best Android Voicemail App?

Well, there have been several great options that can be useful in getting access to an enhanced experience in the best voicemail app experience ever. However, opting for the paid Android voicemail app is more recommended to ensure a better degree of efficiency along with security.

The paid apps, however, do not accept a one-time payment. Most of the Android voicemail applications come with a regular subscription model. This would mean you will need to opt for a recurring payment mode. That would perhaps make you opt for a free voicemail app for Android.

If you are opting for the free app for your voicemail requirements, make sure that the app comes from some reliable sources.

Can Free Android Voicemail Applications be Hacced?

Well, the apps themselves may not hack you if you have opted for a few reliable options. However, being a phone app, you cannot guarantee that it cannot be hacked. Almost every smartphone application is susceptible to hacking as long as it connects to the internet.

Since an Android voicemail app has one component that can be vulnerable to hacking, you would find that it comes with a few specific features that can be hacked. The Voicemail platform in itself can be hacked and compromise your valuable information.

However, a few proactive measures can help you avoid such a scenario. Some of the tips in this direction can be

  • Always change your passwords quite frequently.
  • Make sure that the password is strong enough and cannot be guessed by anyone as such.
  • Disable international calls. If your business does not need any sort of international calls, keeping them disabled would ideally be a practical solution for most of your needs.
  • Hacks ideally happen during holidays or on weekends. Make sure you check the recorded greetings and other details without fail. If you notice any change in the greetings or voicemail settings, it is advisable to take the necessary actions right away.

Well, the Android voicemail app is one of the excellent options and you would find them useful to a huge extent. Check out the best options offered by the voicemail services and make the right choice for the right ones for your individual needs.

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