Message Center Numbers For All Operators【Updated 2022】

Message Center Numbers: Are you looking message center number for your operator in the right place? Yes, We give below all message center numbers to all telecom operators.

Many users facing message not sent issues, or if they face any damage in their mobiles. For suppose you send a message to your friend that will be automatically canceled. In those cases, you definitely change your message center number.

That’s why we are given below all states of message numbers. So use the below message center numbers with respect to your operator and fix the message not send issues successfully.

And if you like to move a step forward in surfing with respect to the state, identify and fix the issue then no need to get stressed about it. I am here to direct you in the most simple and easy way.

Message Center Numbers

Message Center Numbers For All Operators

Operator Message Center Number
Airtel SMS center number +919895051914
BSNL SMS center number +919440099997
Jio SMS center number +917010075009
Idea SMS center number +919847099996
Reliance SMS center number +919020000500
Tata Docomo SMS center number +919032055002
Telenor SMS center number +9084051550
Vodafone SMS center number +9846000040
Aircel SMS center number +919809099060

Latest Airtel Message Center Numbers all States

Airtel Message Center Number Andhra Pradesh +919849087001
Airtel Message Center Number Assam +9198180230015
Airtel Message Center Number Bihar +919831029416
Airtel Message Center Number Chattisgarh +919845086020
Airtel Message Center Number Delhi +91-98100-51914
Airtel Message Center Number Gujarat +919831029416
Airtel Message Center Number Jammu and Kashmir +919845086007
Airtel Message Center Number Jharkhand +919845086020
Airtel Message Center Number Karnataka +919845086007
Airtel Message Center Number Kerala +919810051905
Airtel Message Center Number Kolkata +919845086007
Airtel Message Center Number Maharastra +919898051916
Airtel Message Center Number Madhya Pradesh +919845086020
Airtel Message Center Number Mumbai +919898051916
Airtel Message Center Number Orissa +9198180230015
Airtel Message Center Number Punjab +919815051914
Airtel Message Center Number Rajasthan +919898051914
Airtel Message Center Number Telangana +919849087001
Airtel Message Center Number Tamilnadu +919898051914
Airtel Message Center Number West Bengal +919932029007

Latest Idea Message Center Numbers all States

Idea Message Center Number Andhra Pradesh +91-9848009198
Idea Message Center Number Bihar +91-9708000198
Idea Postpaid Message Center Number Assam +91-9085000198
Idea Message Center Number Chattisgarh +91-731-4031414
Idea Message Center Number Delhi +91-8744000198
Idea Message Center Number Goa +91-9822012345
Idea Message Center Number Gujarat +91-9824000198
Idea Message Center Number Haryana +91-8684000198
Idea Message Center Number Himachal Pradesh +91-9882900198
Idea Message Center Number Jammu and Kashmir +91-9086046198
Idea Message Center Number Maharastra +91-9822000198
Idea Message Center Number Madhya Pradesh +91-9826000198
Idea Message Center Number Mumbai +91-9702000198
Idea Message Center Number Karnataka +919804099026
Idea Message Center Number Kerala +91-9847112345
Idea Message Center Number Kolkata +91-9088100198
Idea Message Center Number Orissa +91-9090000198
Idea Message Center Number Punjab +91-9781500198
Idea Message Center Number Rajasthan +91-9887010198
Idea Message Center Number Telangana +91-9848009198
Idea Message Center Number Tamilnadu +91-9092000198
Idea Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh west +91-8941000198
Idea Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh east +91-8576000198
Idea Message Center Number West Bengal +91-9093100198

Latest Jio Message Center Numbers all States

Jio Message Center Number Andhra Pradesh +919885005444
Jio Message Center Number Assam +917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Bihar +917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Chhattisgarh +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Chennai +917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Delhi +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Gujarat +917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Haryana +917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Himachal Pradesh +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Jammu and Kashmir +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Jharkhand +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Madhya Pradesh +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Mumbai +917012075009
Jio Message Center Number North East +917012075009
Jio message center number Karnataka +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Kerala +917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Kolkata +97012075009
Jio Message Center Number Orissa +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Punjab +917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Rajasthan +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Telangana +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh west +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh east +917010075009
Jio Message Center Number West Bengal +917010075009

How to Solve SMS Service Issues on Your Phone and SIM

There could be many underlying reasons why you are facing SMS service on your phone. It is not possible to pinpoint a specific reason in this case.

So rather than offering one solution, we will share a number of methods you can try to troubleshoot the SMS service issue. Thus you can try each of these fixes and find the one that works for you the best.

Restart Your Phone

First and foremost, we would tell you to restart your device even if it seems so obvious. Because a lot of times, restarting any device fixes some ongoing problems automatically.

So, perform a restart on your phone if this fixes the problem or not. If the problem still exists, then you can follow the next solutions.

Clear the Cache of the Messaging App

We don’t know which messaging app you are using on your phone to send and receive SMS and MMS. However, most of us use the default messaging app for that purpose.

In that case, you should clear the cache of the messaging app you are facing the SMS service issue. For your convenience, we are going to share a method of cellaring the cache of an app on android for you.

Remember, depending on the brand and android version, the steps to accomplish this process might vary a bit. Still, you will be able to perform that on your own phone following the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Follow

  • Open the Settings menu or app on your phone
  • Then you have to tap on the Apps option by scrolling down a bit
  • For some users, you might have to tap on Applications here
  • Next, you have to tap on the App management option
  • On the next page, you will find a list of all the apps installed on your phone
  • So scroll down and find the app that you use for the SMS and MMS service. In our case, it was the Messages app
  • So you have to tap on the name of the app from there
  • From the following page, you will have to tap on the Storage usage option
  • After that, you will have to tap on the Clear cache option
  • It will instantly clear all the cache data stored on your phone by the Messages app

After that, you should try to use the SMS service once again and see if the problem is still there or not.

Get Rid of Unnecessary SMS

On some older devices, there is a limitation on storage space for the SMS and MMS.  That means, if you receive a lot of messages, then that storage space could be full. In that case, new messages will not be received by your phone.

So you will have to delete some messages to recover some storage space for the new ones. However, we would not recommend deleting the important messages. Rather, we would suggest that you delete unnecessary messages.

You will find many unnecessary SMSs you have received from the operator or the marketers. You can delete those messages without any risk.

Change SMS Center Number

Another way of fixing the SMS service issues is to change the SMS center number. We have already provided you with the list of the SMS center numbers of different SIM companies.

So you can use those numbers to change between SMS center numbers. Hope this will fix your problem with the SMS issue.

Get Help

If you have tried all of the methods mentioned above and haven’t found a solution, then we have another method to share with you. And this is to contact customer care support of your SIM Company.

Based on your SIM Company, the customer care number would vary. So you have to call that number and tell them that you are having issues with your SMS service. Hopefully, they will be able to help you sort this out.

How to Change SMS Center Number on Android

1. In the very first step, one has to open the messaging app and do select a menu bar available on the mobile itself.

2. Go to Settings-> select Advanced settings.

3. Now you need to scroll down so that you can see the message center number option provided there.

4. And now the user is ultimately requested to enter the exact message center number with respect to their operator.

5. Do click on the SMS center number option available in the form of a list.

6. Finally, you are successful in changing the SMS center number on Android.

If your Android phone doesn’t have the ‘Message Center ‘option available then you can find out what it is by alternate one:

Typing *#*#4636#*#* into your phone on the dial screen.

Select Phone information.

Scroll down and select the SMSC setting.

Press Refresh to see the current setting.

If this number is wrong then type in the correct one and press “Update”.

If you get a notification saying “update error” then it’s probably because, you have Android 2.3 or higher and so will have to enter the UDP number which is available, based on your phone.

Restart your phone

Send test text to make sure it’s working or not.

If none of the message center numbers didn’t work out please call the 198 customer care helpline number. They may help you to give exact info and check out the area you are currently staying in and Help you with the setting. Mostly, all the operators are using 198 as their Customer Care Number.

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