A Complete Guide to Student Broadband Deals – [2021 Update]

Student Broadband Deals: The internet has become an important part of our life. Students, too, need access to the internet to attend classes or find out study materials. To make sure that there is a constant and consistent internet connection, you need the best student broadband deals. When it comes to choosing broadband deals for students, there is an entire range of things that you need to take into account including cost, speed, and contact length.

Speed You Need

To choose the best internet for students, the first thing you have to consider is speed. The connections for students will give you access to various other services that ordinary broadband doesn’t. However, the deals are available at an affordable cost, offering better flexibility. These broadband packages that are used for education offer greater flexibility and generous limits.

student broadband deals

When you are setting up a student discount broadband, you should look at the speed. The same goes for usage. Obviously, you do not want to run out of bandwidth just when you are about to complete your essays on animals and have to check the free examples. Running out of internet limits while composing your research paper referring to https://studymoose.com/animal, can lead to a lot of hassle. So, make sure that your data package includes enough usage.

Before you choose the best Wi-Fi for students, you need to consider the kind of internet user you are. When you have established this, it gets easier to track down a package that caters to your requirements.

What sets apart students from the other users is the fact that the contracts last for 9 months instead of the 12 or 18 months that generally apply. This shorter-term makes sure that you do not have to pay for the broadband when you are on summer holiday. Here are the things that you need to consider to get the best student broadband.

Number of People You are Living with

The first thing you should do is consider the number of people who are going to use your internet connection. In case you are living with one or two more people, it would be better, if you go for a similar broadband package as the one that you have got at home. Nevertheless, in case it is a house of over 3 students, you should opt for a connection that is plentiful and fast in terms of usage.

What Are You Using it for?

You also have to consider the purpose of the connection. In case you are studious and like visiting the library often instead of going to the pub, you might not require as many gigabytes of data as required by people who are always streaming movies and songs.

Yes, people who research the internet for their essays and are checking our free samples and examples found over the internet might require more data but these tasks are less heavy than watching movies or streaming live TV.

Fiber Optic, Wireless, and Mobile Internet

When you have to choose the best internet for students, you have to consider the type of broadband that you would like to opt for.

Students living in a shared house having multiple housemates might have to choose a fiber-optic connection. This will provide you super fast speed that will enable you to browse the internet for animal essays to gain knowledge to write your research paper. This makes sure that there is no interference or delays.

Also, it is important to get a wireless connection as no one would like to be hooked up to the internet connection and sit in one place. However, the good thing is these days; all major providers are offering wireless routers. So, you and your housemates will be able to log into the network as soon as you step inside the door.

In case you don’t want to get tied up in a contract, you can use a mobile broadband connection. With this, you will have a mobile dongle that offers a 3G internet connection just like your phone does. This will let you set up your workstation wherever you want.

Contract Length

You should keep in mind that if you cancel your contract early on, you will have to pay a certain fee for cancellation. This can be a hefty fee. So, as long as you are not certain that you are to stick to the connection, don’t choose one.

A majority of the broadbands come with a 12-18 month contract but student broadbands come with a 9 months contract. Usually, these start in October and end in the month of June.

Finding a Cheap Deal

Since you are a cost, the money you have to spend is always on your mind. So, here are a few tricks and tips that will help you to find the best deal on student broadband.

  • Write down what you would like from broadband. Consider the speed, TV options, contract, and data limit. Now, compare various connections on the basis of this. After narrowing down your options, you will have to select one that suits your budget.
  • To calculate the packages, you will have to take the first year’s cost into account. You will find a comparison tool for this over the internet. A broadband deal can be great but it doesn’t consider things such as packaging and postage for the router, cost bumping, and connection fees after a few ones when the virgin media student discount is over. The best way to budget is to look for the first-year cost.
  • Keep a check on the offers. You will have providers running discounts for limited times. This will give you reduced vouchers, cashback, vouchers, and other goodies. You need to hurry if you come across an attractive offer.


Now, you know how to find a cheap broadband connection that is suitable for a student’s house. However, there are a few other things that you should keep in mind.

  • Timing is everything. It might take 1 or 2 days to set up the internet. So, you do not obviously want to be without an internet connection during those days. Hence, you should sort out the internet connection before the term starts. This way you can browse with a free mind as soon as you start your term.
  • Ask older students about their broadband experience in that area. This will give you a fair idea about the connection you should get.
  • Decide upfront how you are going to divide the cost.

Final Words

It is better to be safe than be sorry. So, you should always do your base research before you sign up for a connection.

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