Best Laptop for Girls & Women’s – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Laptop for Girls: Dear parents, are you thinking about the best gift for your girl child for her birthday? Dear boys, are you trying to attract your girlfriend through a gift? The best gift for her is the laptop which suits her and makes her happy.

Earlier days girls and women were restricted to make work at home. They were dedicated completely to maintain homes get married give rise to children and take care of the family members. Now the scenario is completely changed. Girls are doing equal studies as boys doing jobs going for higher education and even becoming administrators.

best laptop for girls

With the advanced technologies and the local awareness girls started using laptops. They using laptops for studies doing work on online software’s and even they entered into the gaming field. They are enjoying online games equal to boys and some of them are the best games in the world. To purchase the best laptop for girls a lot of research is required. As there are many laptop manufacturing companies available in the market choosing the best laptop for girls is very important. If it is especially for gaming purposes then choosing the best gaming laptop is girls is necessary.

Best Laptop for Girls

1. Dell XPS 9570 Laptop

All the models of Dell XPS are recognized fairly in the entire world and also they have won several awards, especially the Dell XPS 13.

Most of the reviews for this model are found to be positive. Also, this laptop model for girls is known for its wonderful display.


  • Beautiful design
  • Extraordinary performance
  • HD display
  • Clean and clear webcam
  • Battery life below average
  • No HDMI connectivity
  • Expensive configurations
  • Does not support facial login (Windows Hello)

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2. Dell XPS 13 9370 Laptop

The newest feature on the Dell XPS 13 is its 2.25 mm webcam, which has a 720-pixel widescreen sensor and 4 far-field microphones, enabling the use of Cortana and Alexa from afar.


  • Infinity display
  • Simple and sturdy build
  • Standard biometric recognition
  • Keyboard and trackpad are perfect
  • Low brightness
  • No SD card slot

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3. Apple 13″ MacBook Air Core i5

A beautiful, crisp display, good performance, and modern ports rejuvenate a classic image of Apple. This Apple MacBook Air is indeed one of the best laptops for women. It is a sleek, slim, and high-performance laptop. The MacBook metal and black-glass design are still gorgeous.


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4. Sony VAIO SX14

The VAIO S laptop is one of the best port computers for girls. The Core i7 -6500U CPU has the latest generation. more and more centers inform us of new and better characteristics. So far, Intel has improved its processors to core i8.


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5. Acer Aspire E 15

A 15-inch laptop is the perfect halfway size for those who use their computers for work as well as personal use. Therefore, these machines are a hybrid between the power required for getting your professional tasks done combined with the necessary screen size and graphics for home entertainment and leisure.


  • Good performance
  • Full HD resolution
  • Long battery life
  • AC WiFi
  • USB-C port
  • Low brightness
  • Slow Processor
  • Bad Cooling system
  • Bad Keyboard and Touchpad

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How to choose the Best Laptop for Girls

  1. Slimness
  2. Touchscreen
  3. Graphics card
  4. Battery life
  5. Size
  6. Service and maintenance
  7. Budget
  8. Operating system
  • Slimness

As girls always prefer to purchase lightweight products choosing the best laptop for girls with minimum thickness is important. The slim the laptop is the more comfortable the girls feel. It should be slim but not to be delicate. It shouldn’t get damaged when it fell down. So choose the laptop company which provides a slim laptop for girls along with strong material.

  • Touchscreen

Girls feel comfortable while operating the laptop screen if it has a touch screen option. It gives them a good feel and interest to do the work. Especially for the girls who are purchasing the laptop for gaming purposes touch screen is necessary. Choosing the best gaming laptop for girls with a good touch screen is the most necessary component in the market.

  • Graphics card

Graphics card is important for the girls who are purchasing a laptop for gaming purpose. The more the graphic card memory the higher the quality of the picture will be on the screen. If it is general purpose like studying for working on project works the less graphic card laptop will be sufficient.

  • Battery life

The battery life determines the period of the initially purchased battery remains without any repair. They are high chances of the battery getting damaged after one 1year. But many laptop companies are providing longer battery life products. So research on the internet in which companies are providing better and long-lasting battery laptops. For gaming purposes, they will a lot of energy usage. So while purchasing for a gaming laptop for girls choose the best battery.

  • Size

Girls prefer to have a smaller size and weightless laptops. As it gives them enough comfort to carry their laptops even in their handbags while traveling.

  • Service and maintenance

As girls cannot travel long distances to get the laptops repaired. There is a need of choosing the company which is giving service to the home. It is also recommendable to have the company service centers nearby home. So while purchasing the best laptops for girls search for the laptop companies which are giving better service and maintenance as home delivery.

  • Budget

It is okay if someone gifts the laptops to girls. But if girls themselves need to purchase laptops from their pocket money then they need to select company laptops that come under their budget. Generally, the costs of the laptops from 30,000 and the gaming laptops will be of more cost. So choosing the laptop based on the purpose is important. It is recommendable to purchase the best laptop for girls and gaming laptop for girls during the festive season as the laptop companies provide for the offer price.

  • Operating system

It is common practice to purchase and install the operating system while purchasing the laptop itself. Generally, windows are the commonly chosen OS. Girls need to choose the version of the windows with the features which they can operate easily. Choosing the best laptop for girls without an easy operating system will be of no use. In the same way, choosing the gaming laptop for girls without an efficient operating system will dissatisfy them.

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