10 Best 32 inch Smart TV in India 2021 – Top Picks & Reviews

Best 32 inch Smart tv India: Are you looking for the best 32 inch smart tv in India then you are in the right place. In this article, we are giving information about all brand best 32 inch full HD led tv in India. We are collected all budget category smart TVs in India.

So, to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best 32 inch smart led TV in India which will help you while you are purchasing a smart TV in 2021.

10 Best 32 inch Smart TV in India

TVs are not only becoming slimmer in size but also have become Smart and affordable. We shall now look at some of the best 32 inch TVs available today. Also, check the best 40 inch LED TVs in India, the best 42/43 inch LED TVs in India, as well as the best 32 inch LED TVs under 30,000 (including 720p TVs).

Apart from that, we are also compiling a buying guide for purchasing Smart TV in India. So, let us have a look at the list that has been mentioned below:

1. Mi LED TV 41 PRO 32-inches HD Ready Android TV

Mi TV’s HD Ready Display allows you to explore every detail on the screen with a great deal of clarity. Enhanced brightness and lifelike colours are some of the qualities of HD Ready Display.

This smart TV comes with stereo speakers that deliver DTS-HD sound of the best quality to fill your living room with enchanting music.

Android PatchWall gives you a revolutionary TV viewing experience, as you can watch quality content on your home page. Searching for your favourite apps should not be a problem at all because of the Google Voice Search option.

When you have Android TV, you have access to thousands of movies, TV shows, and dramas from Google Play, YouTube, and other apps.

  • Excellent clarity of images
  • Audio performance is good
  • Access your favourite channels
  • Does not support Netflix and Amazon

2. LG 32-inches HD Ready LED Smart TV – 32LM560BPTC

This TV comes with an IPS panel that allows viewers to view the screen for angles as wide as 178 degrees. The Active HDR feature optimizes the images and ensures that you distinguish the subtlest changes in colours and contrast.

The LG TV features DTS Virtual X audio and lets you enjoy flawless and multi-dimensional audio through its in-built speakers. The Dolby Audio feature magnifies the sound considerably to deliver a theatre-like experience.

This LG smart TV comes with a Quad-Core processor that eliminates picture noise to create more dynamic colour and contrast. It ensures to up-scale the low-resolution images to produce pictures of HD quality.

  • Exemplary picture quality
  • First-class sound
  • Web OS features
  • Inadequate connectivity ports

3. Sony Bravia 32 inches Full HD LED Smart TV

Compared to the MI TV, the Sony Bravia would seem expensive, but it comes with exquisite features like Full HD LED TV display and other smart functions.

Sony W6272G Series LED TVs can entertain with high clarity and deep bass. This TV comes with an FHD screen resolution that enables the consumer to experience amazing clarity and details.

This resolution eliminates picture noise to improve its clarity. X-Reality PRO is a feature available in all Sony Bravia TVs. This feature up-scales every pixel to display full HD clarity. This TV features HDR to ensure the reproduction of the darkest blacks and the brightest of whites in its full glory.

Sony TVs are renowned for its picture quality. At the same time, they deliver audio of the highest order, as well. The Sony Audio system produces the deepest bass ever experienced on a TV. The Dynamic Drive Speaker brings music to life in its full range.

The Clear Audio+ technology lets you hear the dialogues clearly by separating music from voice.

  • Brand name of Sony Bravia
  • High-quality pictures with excellent sound
  • Protection against dust and electrical fluctuations
  • Priced a little bit on the higher side

4. Samsung  32 Inches Series 4 HD Ready LED Smart TV

The best recommended Samsung TV for 2021 is the Samsung 4 Series LED TV. It has good picture quality, with an excellent native contrast ratio and great peak brightness. It has excellent motion handling It produces a decent color gamut and good brightness, great for bright room viewing and also doesn’t affect the pocket of a middle class… The sound and picture quality is great. Overall a must buy for this year.

  • Picture quality is good
  • High-quality pictures with excellent sound
  • Netflix, Amazon prime
  • Good Sound quality
  • You can not able to view your video contents of ur mobile using USB port

5. Kevin 32 Inches HD Ready LED Smart TV

Kevin TV comes with power-packed features in spite of being priced as a budget TV. The A+ Grade panel ensures delivery of vibrant colours, better images, a clear motion rate, and exquisite contrast and clarity.

The HRDD technology distinguishes the different shades of colours and provides an unmatched viewing experience.

This TV comes with a wide view angle of 178 degrees. There is no blur from whichever corner you watch the TV. When coupled with HD Ready screen resolution, you have a winning combination on hand.

Some of the exciting features of Kevin TV include the built-in cinema zoom feature to provide a movie theatre-like experience in your drawing-room.

Kevin TV, along with Mi TV, is one of the best budget TVs in India. Though available for less than Rs 11,000, Kevin Smart TV comes with great features.

  • Good quality sound. No need for an additional speaker
  • Wifi connectivity is good
  • Inbuild apps like youtube, Hotstar, Facebook, Netflix
  • Playstore is available to install apps in TV
  • Day time picture quality is not good but when you think of price its ok
  • The picture quality is not satisfactory in the presence of sunlight
  • Installing the TV is a challenge

6. Sanyo 32 inches HD Ready Smart IPS LED TV 

Sanyo 32-inches LED TV is a smart TV that allows you to watch movies on Netflix and enjoy a theatre-like experience with good quality audio to complement the excellent picture quality.

This Sanyo TV has smart features like built-in Wi-Fi to connect seamlessly to the internet.

The Sanyo TV works on the Android OS, whereby it grants you easy access to apps like YouTube and Netflix. Thus, you can watch unlimited movies, videos, and other shows anytime without having to subscribe to any cable TV network.

The IPS technology ensures accurate colour reproduction and excellent quality, irrespective of the viewing angle. Thus, the picture quality does not suffer, even if you view it from the sides.

The android mirroring feature enables you to cast your smartphone screen on the TV to enjoy a tremendous gaming experience. This Screencasting feature is available to both Android and iOS users.

The Dot Noise Reduction feature on the Sanyo Nebula Series helps you to enjoy the pictures as they are broadcast on the screen. This TV comes with Superior Box Speakers to deliver a crystal clear audio experience to match the high-quality images.

  • Panel is IPS Super Bright and you will not get it in any of the TVs at this price
  • Pricing is quite reasonable
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • Excellent picture quality
  • This lags in speed very much while browsing or YouTube
  • The sound quality needs improvement

7. Micromax 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV

Micromax is an Indian TV manufacturer that produces TVs to rival Chinese brands such as Mi.

This TV is not a Full HD TV. Hence, you cannot expect the clarity that an HD TV will deliver. However, this HD Ready TV does produce excellent quality pictures with a high range of vivid colors. The clarity and contrast is something to admire.

Besides producing excellent images and videos, this TV is a powerhouse when it comes to delivering sound output.

Hence, you get a heavenly experience when playing the latest games on this TV.

The TV comes with adequate connectivity ports to connect your gaming consoles to enjoy an interactive gaming experience.

  • Good value for its price
  • Good picture quality with excellent sound
  • Surround Sound System
  • Not a smart TV
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Best 32 inch Smart LED TV in India – A Smart Buying Guide 2021!

When purchasing a standalone Smart TV or an aftermarket accessory that enables Internet television features, make sure you do plenty of research before committing to a purchase. The most important things to look for are:

  • The number of features
  • The cost
  • Service charges for streaming media

If you value social networking or are addicted to your Twitter account, make sure you find a TV that allows you to access these sites. You will also want to make sure that the TV supports other accessories that make using it much easier. Such accessories include keyboards. Without a keyboard, many Smart TV features are prohibitively cumbersome to use. Last but not least, make sure it is within your price range.

Do You Really Need a Smart TV?

With the advancement in technology, Smart televisions are introduced these days.

With a smart TV, you can do much more rather than watching cartoons or movies.

Once you upgrade to a smart TV, you will experience a crisp, better, and bright picture quality that you would ever imagine.

The best thing about Smart TV is the fact that it comes with inbuilt internet connectivity and thus you can easily access different online services from your television.

So, I would recommend if you are looking to purchase a TV in 2021, just go for smart TV only.

The Evolution of the TV

The evolution of television has sped up rapidly in only the past decade. There once was a time we could only watch 4 or 5 channels in hazy, unfocused quality with a sound that was barely audible. Oh, how those were the bad days. Nowadays we are spoilt for choice. There are TVs that come in all shapes, sizes, and designs as they are not only an appliance for our home but also a fashion statement. The TV basically has to be the centerpiece of the living area. Where else are the couches supposed to point to? Now we can choose from thousands of channels and enjoy our favorite shows in the best quality that can be provided both for our eyes and our ears.

Nowadays, the TV market is so competitive all the top brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, etc are all competing against each other to bring out the latest and best technology with their new models. They constantly strive to better one another which certainly makes us, the consumer, the winner. We get to have a better choice at competitive prices whilst these companies fight for market share.
It is wise to take your time when purchasing a Television. You need to take into account the following,

  • Brand
  • Size
  • Price
  • Sound Quality
  • Visual Quality
  • Warranty
  • Is it internet compatible?
  • Special features

4k Ultra HD v/s Full HD Technology

The 4k Ultra HD technology offers a resolution of 2160p. This is 4 times more than what you get in FULL HD TV that is available in the market these days. With 4K Ultra HD, you would be getting a higher clarity of images.

Besides this, with this resolution, you would be able to sit close to the TV and perhaps have a very good experience of watching TV.

With FULL HD technology, you get a picture resolution of 1080p. This resolution is also considerate enough to give you an excellent viewing experience. You can easily watch Blu Ray movies on FULL HD televisions.

From the above comparison, it is sure that 4K Ultra HD is definitely better than Full HD.

These are only a few out of a vast range of thought processes that should be going through your head. You need to take into account a whole myriad of factors before making the purchase but this is something you can take your time over, there is no rush. This is one of the most important decisions you have and one you must get right. There is no other appliance within the household that is utilized more often than the Television. It may be sad to say but we do spend hours upon hours in front of the TV which is why it is especially important to make a sound investment in this appliance.

Smart TVs are televisions that can be connected to your household internet to allow you to browse the internet on your TV. This technology has only entered the mass market in the past 5-10 years and boy has it exploded in popularity. There has certainly been a demand for technology that allows people to check their Facebook status and Twitter updates on the TV. Yes, they may be pricier but the added benefits of these new features certainly make up for the investment.

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