Cheapest 120Hz Monitor for Gaming Review – Best Picks

Cheapest 120Hz Monitor: Are you palling to buy the monitor for gaming purposes? Do you have enough money to invest in it? Do you need a monitor with a high refresh rate? Do you need the picture on the monitor that should be clear enough?

Then it is advisable to purchase the 120 Hz monitor for gaming purposes. This gives you a high refresh rate and ultra-smooth visuality. With a clear and efficient monitor, you feel so excited about working on it. You need to choose the cheapest 120 Hz monitors available in the market.

cheapest 120hz monitors

What Does 120Hz Monitor Mean?

Earlier people used to buy 60 Hz monitors as they can’t invest more money in buying 120 Hz monitors. The 60 Hz monitors can’t give a better visual experience which people need for gaming purposes. With the advanced technologies, the companies are manufacturing higher refreshing rate monitors at the cheapest prices possible. So even though medium budget people able to purchase the 120 Hz monitors. Even before the 60 Hz monitor, there are 1080P monitors being used.

While purchasing the gaming monitors it is very much required to know about the refresh rate. Refresh rate means it indicates the number of times for one second the monitor can refresh itself in producing a new frame. The higher the refresh rate the high the capability of the monitor’s screen will be to deliver the high-end ultra-smooth visuals and motion pictures on the screen. A 120Hz monitor means the monitor is having a 120 Hz refresh rate which indicates that the screen gets refreshed 120 times for each second. With this high amount of refresh rate, the resolution on the screen will be so smooth. The sharpness of the screen will be so high and the visuals will be displayed in detail as the frames get refreshed in a few milliseconds. This also gives a better feeling and experience for the game players who operate it.

There are even 144 Hz monitors available in the market which can give a higher refresh rate with motion movement and smoother visuals than the 120 H monitors. This range is ever increasing and even 240 Hz monitors are being manufactured. But higher the refresh rate the higher the price the manufacturing companies are charging. So it is advisable to purchase the best 120 Hz monitors along with the feature of the cheapest 120 Hz monitors.

Best Cheap 120 Hz Monitor for Gaming

1. G-STORY 17.3 Inch HDR 120Hz

G-STORY GS173H is of a kind 120Hz monitor that not only treats you with mindboggling visuals but also portable facilities. The realism and high-quality visuals it brings out in every gaming scene are really commendable, and the credit goes to its 1080p resolution with TN panel. This monitor comes within $300 US.

Moreover, it also gets supports from HDR that allows the screen to enhance the detailing and lighting affecting all the gaming scenes. Experience ultra-smooth gaming with its 120Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time as it efficiently renders all the scenes without ghosting or stuttering. What’s more? AMD FreeSync technology will enhance the frame rate of all your games by a large margin.

Never feel a shortage of interfaces in this display, and it is due to the availability of dual HDMI, USB Type-C, and dual 3.55mm port. The slim body profile, 6.8lbs weight, durable case, sliding bracket, and VESA mount makes it extremely portable gaming in the market.

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2. BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 Inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor

BenQ is a good name in the world of technology. The company is known for producing multiple technological items, such as mobile phones. However, the world is astonished to see one of the cheapest 120Hz monitors by this company. The XL2420 is another addition in the list of cheap monitors with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Some people think that because it’s cheap; therefore, it is of no good use. But do you know that this model is widely used in gaming tournaments throughout the world? If yes, then you probably would have been using it. If no, then what are you waiting for. If you opt for this monitor, then you opt for satisfying gaming.

In the end, this monitor can be kept anywhere in the room, as it is not too much space. The physical adjustment is easy, as it has a pivot of 90-degree. It also comes with a DisplayPort, HDMI, and 3.5mm port.

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3. Alienware NEW Curved 34 Inch

Well! Here’s another boss. The Alienware 34 inches is another one of the cheapest 120Hz monitors that perform extraordinarily. Many monitors in this range are usually out of great features. Some lack quality while others lack sound.

In the same way, cheap monitors often make problems when it comes to the display. Of course, nobody likes to see pixels being burst. But thanks to the producers of this monitor for this one a great gig.

Also, the sharpness of this monitor is moderate due to the 3400 x 1440 WQHD resolution. So you can expect to see every little detail through this monitor.

When it comes to sync, this 120Hz monitor can be easily synced with the GPU. No wonder that the G-Sync technology in this monitor works smoothly. This, on the contrary, also helps in displaying all the frames whenever the monitor is ready to display them.

This means that there are minimum chances of getting the entire graphic distorted. Moreover, the monitor can be synced with NVIDIA that provides the best gaming experience.

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How to Choose the Cheapest 120Hz Monitor For Gaming

Here we are providing the parameters you need to choose while purchasing the best 120 Hz monitor.

  1. Better responsiveness:
  2. Motion
  3. Latency
  4. Better visuals
  5. Price
  • Better responsiveness

The more the refresh rate the more responsive the display will be. With a better refresh rate, there won’t be any lag in the display. When you play the games the response should be faster enough without any lag. The input which you provide needs to be reflected faster enough on the screen in order to have this better response feature you need to choose the best 120 Hz gaming monitor.

  • Motion

The motion without any blur feature on the screen is very important while playing the games with the help of the best 120 Hz monitors you can have a clear picture movement on the display. This will reduce the motion sickness on the screen. The rate of frames will be handled so efficiently and will be delivered with the help of the video card.

  • Latency

Latency should be as minimum as possible for the better gaming field. The difference in latency features shows a great difference in playing the games. The higher the frame rate and the higher the refresh rate the lagging will be less and the motion will be clear which gives the minimum latency possible.

  • Better visuals

The faster the picture movement in the game or the movie there are chances of visuals getting blurred. With the high possible refresh rate and frame rate the higher the smoother visuals, you get on the screen. This feature is more important for people who are working on developing gaming apps and making movies.

  • Price

Compared to 60 Hz monitors the price of the 120 Hz monitors will be more. But with clever purchasing by analyzing the products available in the market you can purchase the cheapest 120 Hz monitors in your budget. Most of the company products are getting updated on a yearly basis. Hence the earlier models will be placed for discounts and in offer prices during festival seasons. It is better to purchase during those times which can save a lot of your money.

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