8 Best Trimmers Under 1500 Rs For Men【Reviews 2021】

Best Trimmers Under 1500: These hair trimmers are the most essential for men‘s and more so for those who grow and maintain a beard or stubble. These trimmers are used for other purposes like trimming the underarm hair, body, chest, and privates also. There are so many different companies that are manufactured and sell the trimmers. It is very difficult to pick one if you are looking for the best trimmer then it’s available in the market and has a budget of fewer than 1500 rupees.

best trimmers under 1500

Features of Best Trimmers under Rs 1500

  • These trimmers can arrange a 0.5mm blade setting and it provides you a close shave.
  • It is always easier to wash the trimmer blades with water after using them.
  • Some trimmers are taken a lot of time to charge as long as 7 to 10 hours, but the others also charge quickly like one hour only.
  • You just look out for trimmers and that comes with carrying pouches and also detachable heads. It is very useful while cleaning.
  • Battery life: Some trimmers are very frustrating if you are in a hurry and you want to quickly trim your bread and the battery dies on you. The longer the trimmer battery life is better.

8 Best Timmers Under 1500 Rupees 2021

1. Philips QT4001/15 Beard Trimmer

The Philips beard trimmer cordless for men QT40001/15 allows you to style your beard the way you want. This Philips trimmer is providing an extra sharp blade with rounded tips that prevent skin irritation and also an ergonomic design will help to trim hard to reach areas. Whether you need to trim the ideal way to go about it by using a trimmer and also a fade or manscape your facial hair. You can take a look at this Philips trimmer as it allows you to precisely and neatly trim your beard just the way you want.


  • Ten trimmer length settings.
  • 1 mm precision settings.
  • It consists of rounded blade tips and stainless steel blades.
  • This Philips trimmer can provide a long-lasting performance due to dura power technology and up to 50 minutes of cordless power after 10 hours of charging.

2. Philips BT1212/15 Rechargeable Beard Trimmer

Philips BT1212/15 beard trimmer is powered by the Durapower technology and it is designed to optimize power consumption so it lasts four times more than the regular trimmers. Once you can fully charged this trimmer can offer you 30 minutes of uninterrupted usage. This Philips trimmer contains stainless steel blades that sharpen themselves while you are trimming. So you can trim your beard with different styles in every day as effectively as you did on day one.


  • This Philips beard trimmer comes with a USB cable for more flexible charging via any USB adapter or your computer and this adapter is not included.
  • It is consists of a dura power with two years warranty.
  • This trimmer can provide you 30 minutes of cordless use after 8 hours of charging.
  • Skin-friendly blades for smooth skin.

3. Philips QT4011/15 Beard Trimmer

Philips is the best solution for your looking best grooming trimmer. It comes with the best design technology. This Philips beard trimmer gives an effortless result even after time. These beard trimmers come with self-sharpening blades which gives long lasting and sharp as on an entire day. Which preventing irritation on your skin. Due to the dura power technology, this beard trimmer gives long-lasting performance for up to 45 minutes. For easy cleaning, it has a detachable head and also comes with 2 years warranty.


  • For smooth trimming, it has skin-friendly rounded tips.
  • Due to dura power technology which gives long-lasting performance.
  • After 10 hours of charging it works up to 45 minutes of cordless use.
  • It comes with 0.5- 10mm long so it is easy to select and lock-in length settings.
  • It also has a detachable head for smooth cleaning.
  • On registering with Philips website it comes with 2 years + additional 1-year warranty.

4. Nova NHT1046 Beard Trimmer for Men

Nova NHT-1046 trimmer is the best beard trimmer for your choosing on the best trimmer who are always using the trimmer. With this beard trimmer, you can keep your beard in a stylish and cool look so this trimmer is the best option for you. When suddenly you are going to a formal business meeting or any other functions this nova NHT -1046 trimmer will help you very fast for grooming your beard. The rechargeable battery is the fantastic feature of this beard trimmer and it is a cordless trimmer. This beard trimmer ensures a clean and perfect shave. The wide range of this beard trimmer is between 0.25 mm and 6 mm. it comes with a 1-year warranty from Nova India.


  • It is a rechargeable cordless trimmer.
  • It has the 0.25mm, 6mm, 9mm precision trimming range.
  • For smooth trimming, it has skin-friendly rounded tips.
  • It has high-grade stainless steel blades.
  • It works for up to 30 minutes of cordless use.
  • It has washable attachments.

5. Nova NHT-1045 Trimmer for Men

Nova NHT 1045 is the cordless trimmer from the Nova and it is a stunning piece. You can buy this beard trimmer and enjoy the hassle-free grooming experience at your home. It is easy to use and ensures ease of use. This trimmer has an ergonomic design. Be ready for your party’s at any time by trim your beard with this beard trimmer. It ensures that you look groomed because it comes with a number of other attachments. Which gives you a clean and complete trim without damaging or cutting your skin because it has a free-floating head and stainless steel blades. You can carry out this beard trimmer to any place where ever you go so you don’t worry about buying this trimmer. It is a rechargeable trimmer.


  • It is a rechargeable cordless trimmer.
  • It has the 0.25mm, 6mm, 9mm high precision trimming range.
  • For smooth trimming it has skin-friendly rounded tips.
  • It has stainless steel blades.
  • It can be used for up to 30 minutes of cordless use.
  • Washable attachments are there.
  • Before initial use, it can be charged for 8 hours.

6. Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Beard and Hair Trimmer

Panasonic ER -207 –WK -44B trimmer has a pivoting head, which is the wonderful feature of this beard trimmer and that follows the contour of your skin. Without any hassle, it comes in both cord and cordless use, so it makes it easy to operate. For the effective trimming session, this trimmer has floating wide blade cutters. This Panasonic trimmer perfectly fits in your hand because it comes with an ergonomic design for better operation. It has 12 length settings. You can adjust the front height among the above 12 length settings. It is a floating cutter type trimmer head and which gives a close trim for your beard. This Panasonic beard trimmer comes with 2 years of warranty from the purchase date.


  • It is a rechargeable trimmer.
  • It comes in both cord and cordless use.
  • It has Japanese blade technology.
  • It is a washable trimmer with a length setting of 2 -18 mm in 13 steps.
  • It also has stainless steel blades.
  • It comes with an ergonomic curve shape.
  • Dry or wet application.

7. Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4005/15

Tatacliq company can provide you the best offers on Philips QT4005/15 Pro skin advanced trimmer in 1795 rupees only. You are searching for the best trimmers at a low cost, then you are in right place to buy this Philips QT4005/15 Pro skin advanced trimmer. When you want to look very best, then the Philips trimmer has the right growing solutions for you. Recently Philips company will combines technology with designs.

This Philips beard trimmer can provide an effortless and even less time to clean your face in a smart look. This Philips, QT4005 model can provide self-sharpening blades and these blades are long lasting and stay as sharp as on day one. While you are using these trimmers, you can save your time, money and without any skip preventing irritations.


  • It is easy to grip and ergonomic design.
  • Philps QT4005 can provide the stainless steel blades.
  • It is arranged with a dual voltage system.
  • This trimmer can provide you the long-lasting performance due to dura power technology.
  • Philips company will provide you a 2 years of warranty for this Philips QT4005.

8. Wahl 9860-700 Rechargeable Grooming Kit

Nowadays a well-groomed look defines your personality and smart look. The Wahl groomsman body trimmers are specially designed to give you the optimal trimming results. These Wahl grooming can provide you the high-quality cutting blades, by using these blades you can close-cut in every stoke.

This Wahl groomsman trimmer gives you better professional results. The honed blades of the Wahl trimmer possess accuracy and durability. These Wahl steel blade trimmers are self-sharpening and which is automatically sharpens as you use the Wahl trimmer. By using this Wahl trimmer, you can easily dust the hair off the trimmer head with the help of a cleaning brush.


  • Wahl trimmer is a complete grooming kit.
  • You can rotate Wahl trimmer head has 12 different positions and 6 length guide positions.
  • It can provide you the self-sharpening steel blades and high-quality cutting blades.
  • Wahl groomsman trimmer can provide you the 30mm cutting width and 0.5 KG weight and rubber hand grip

Final Verdict

These best trimmers under 1500 rs are very selective once and you should buy them if you want to have a long lasting trimmer that can fulfill all your trimming needs. Unlike most of the cheap trimmer, these have some quality features which you can get only in some quality product as these ones. If you have any questions, please comment on Post, and you also ask questions on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

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