How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Easily 2021 – {Latest}

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos: YouTube has been the most popular and widely watched video streaming service. You can watch your favorite videos again and again and mark them for watching again. However, one fine day, you may notice that the video you had marked for watching later is no longer available. This can be much annoying. How to watch deleted YouTube videos? Let us check the ways through which you can find old YouTube videos without hassles.

You watched a youtube last month by now either it is deleted or set as a private. But you want to watch it again, you can do this by using the Wayback Machine. In this post, we’ll explain how to watch removed youtube videos and what can you do if the Wayback machine didn’t work for that video.

how to watch deleted youtube videos

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

The best way to find old YouTube videos would be to use a third party site for accessing the archives. Here are a few of the ways that can be helpful in how to view deleted YouTube videos.


The best way to find old YouTube videos would be to use which is one of the best YouTube deleted video finder options you can check out. The first thing you should do with the step would be to visit YouTube and find the URL for the video that has been deleted. You can find the video through your watch history or your Liked Videos playlist.

Visit the website and paste the URL for your deleted video. Click on the Browse History You should be able to find the video deleted and play it right away. Once you get the video, ensure that you have downloaded it or recorded the video using a screen recorder.

  • Google Search Engine

This involves the use of one of the best techniques used by SEO experts. It involves putting in Google’s database for finding the relevant content.

Here is how you can do it –

  • Launch your browser and go to the Google Search bar.
  • In the search field, type in + name Of TheVideo
  • Google will search for the name relevant to the name of your videos.
  • You will be presented with a list of the closest videos

If you know the video was shared on other platforms such as Facebook or Vimeo, you can change the site name in the above search to the relevant video sharing site.

The method is based on the Google database that keeps the record of the content and the content remains in the Google database for a certain period even after it has been removed from the platform.

The method does not help you in how to find deleted YouTube videos right away, but will only be helpful in finding the URL of the deleted video. Once you found the URL for the video, you can simply use the first method above to get your deleted video.

The Concluding Thoughts

YouTube has indeed been one of the best platforms to find your favorite content across several genres. However, YouTube does have a few strict policies and does not allow certain videos that do not meet its community standards.

In such a scenario where your favorite video has been deleted from YouTube despite the fact that you have marked it for watching later, recovering these videos should rather be easy. Simply follow the steps and methods outlined in the above discussion.

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