10 Best Tool Bags Reviews 2021 – Editor Picks & Buying Guide

Best Tool Bags Reviews: No matter whether you are a professional or a Do It Yourself expert, a tool bag can be an excellent option you would look ahead to. Whether you opt for heavy duty tool bags or small tool bags would be something that would be dependent on your exact needs and the number of tools you possess.

Just the way you would need a toolbox or tool chest for your work (or your DIY escapades), you would also need the best tool bag for an enhanced experience in carrying them along. It can be extremely helpful and useful in more ways than one.

Best Tool Bags

What are the advantages of a Tool Bags?

Well, opting for the best tool bag can help you have access to its own set of advantages. Tool bags can come in different designs and styles, like a tool bag with shoulder strap.

Some advantages associated with the tool bag with tools can be summed up as here below –

  • A more effortless organization of the tools

The best tool bag should be one that offers many pockets and sections for different instruments. That should help you get access to the best possible organization of the tools in the bag. You can either choose an open top tool bag or bag with a zipper. However, the closed bag would be an added advantage.

  • Non noisier operation

The best bag would be the one that helps you avoid the knocking of the tools one against the other. The heavy duty tool bags can help you achieve the feat. The best tool bag comes with loops, and thus the tools are organized efficiently. This avoids knocking the resultant sound. The knocking of the tools can damage the tools and reduce their lifespan.

  • It protects your tools

A tool tote bag can effectively help you keep your tools. The significant protection you would get is they keep them safe from the rain. This can further assist you in taking care of the wear and tear due to the water splash or rain.

  • Improved portability

The best tool bag can be a great option to take care of the portability of your tools. Even when the distance of your workplace is far away, you will end up being able to carry your tools rather quickly enough. Moreover, you would be in a position to carry more tools.

  • It protects your back

A tool bag with a shoulder strap can be an excellent option to take care of your back. The stress on the back can cause serious health concerns that include rheumatism. The best tool bag can help you achieve the best possible standards in keeping your back in the best of the health.

10 Best Tool Bags Reviews 2021

1. DeWalt Pro Contractor’s Tool Bag – Best Choice for Contractors

The DeWalt Pro Contractor’s Tool Bag is constructed of heavy-duty polyester and features a pop open design and a double pull zipper. This product also includes an adjustable shoulder strap that is non-slip and padded with a measuring tape clip and utility knife pocket.

With reinforced bottom pads, the DeWalt tool bag has good durability and the pads also help to stop water and dirt from damaging your tools. The fold-down flap uncovers more pockets in the back that gives you additional space for hand tools. This is the ideal size for a contractor and all their tools with forty pockets, a pop-open design, and a large interior compartment to meet all your needs.

  • Heavy duty and large
  • Straps work really well, even when it is filled up and heavy
  • Great quality that can hold a lot of tools and accessories
  • When all pockets are used, it gets too big and heavy
  • Some users lose items when using all the exterior pockets

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2. Workpro W081023A – Best Bag for Small Projects

Constructed of polyester materials, the Workpro W081023A includes various pockets for tools and an adjustable strap for easy access. It also includes a wide-open mouth with a wide top that zips so you can easily reach your tools. This is a durable product with heavy stitching that is easy to carry from job site to job site. The Workpro W081023A is perfect for carrying small to medium items like hand or carpenter tools.

  • Durable and easy to carry
  • Good value for the money
  • Solid and well-made product
  • When zipped closed the top is narrower than the bottom
  • Not easy to zipper

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3. Milwaukee 48-55-3500 – Best Water Resistant Bag

This easy to use contractor bag is durable and water resistant. The Milwaukee 48-55-3500 has soft sides and is constructed of tough 600 denier material.

The Milwaukee 48-55-3500 Contractor Bag also features a durable zipper closure. It measures 20 ½ x 9 x 8 inches and is a perfect choice for tool and accessory storage. It has numerous inside pockets for smaller items and you can fit a battery charger in the large inside pocket.

  • Good quality bag and fits all kinds of tools and accessories
  • Good value for the money
  • Nice strong strap that lets you hold what you need
  • Outside pocket can tear if you’re not careful
  • Zipper is not very durable, it bends and the threading comes out

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4. Custom Leathercraft Tool Bag – Best Tool Bag for Electricians

Made with rugged polyester, the CLC 1529 Tool Bag features a 16-inch centre and 16 pockets. This is an easy to access product that lets you reach your tools fast and keeps your tools close reducing the need to run back to your truck for forgotten tools.

The CLC Tool Bag also features large side pockets with loops that allow you to organize your tools. The back zippered compartment allows you to store valuables safely and the padded shoulder strap lets you keep your hands free to carry larger items like ladders and drywall.

  • Convenient and helps you keep your tools organized
  • High quality and space saving choice
  • Padded handles are comfortable and help carry heavy loads
  • Material covering the metal wiring wears away revealing sharp edges
  • Tape measure clip doesn’t work well

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5. Dewalt Mini Contractor Tool Bag – Best Compact Tool Bag

The perfect size for carrying compact power tools, the Dewalt Mini Tool Bag is ideal for impacts, drills, batteries, and chargers. It can also carry smaller tools like wrenches and screwdrivers for easy access at the job site.

It features heavy-duty stitching that guarantees that it can hold a large amount of weight, especially when you need to carry to multiple tools at the same time.

  • Holds drill and accessories well
  • Fits larger tools and attachment easily
  • Well-made and sturdy, stands up to abuse on the job site
  • Fabric is thinner than expected
  • Size is smaller than anticipated

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6. DEWALT DGL573 Tool Bag – Good for Carpenter

The DeWalt DGL573 has a ton of compartments that range from small to large making access to all tools easy. Inside the big zippered pouch is one large open compartment that includes four areas to separate the tools you want faster access to.

The back of the bag features four large pouches plus a strap for additional convenience. One side includes two small slots and a hook to attach tools you often use while the other side includes two more slots and a covered Velcro pouch.

This product allows to hold a ton of carpenters tools and accessories like extension cords, drills, screwdrivers, pliers, and wrench sets, plus base pad feet lessen abrasion and wear on the bag and your tools.

  • Very roomy and high-quality
  • Can take a beating out in the field
  • Well-made and designed, really tough
  • Light switch is horrible although the actual light works well
  • Top straps are inconveniently placed and get in the way when taking stuff out

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7. Veto Pro Pac TECH-LC – Best Tool Bag for Service Technicians

A modified version of the original model LC, the TECH-LC was designed for service technicians. Some of the changes made were intended to accommodate tools for service technician tools and their work routines. Including 53 pockets, the TECH-LC has plenty of pocket room for meters, drills, parts, and hand tools.

Made of Denier Nylon, this is also a good tool bag for bulkier items and includes eight small Neoprene pockets designed to hold drill bits and bit extensions. This rugged construction is great on the worksite and it also comes with a five-year warranty.

  • Great design, easy to carry
  • Perfect when you are in a confined space
  • Heavy duty and dependable zipper
  • Inside are short and loose, so you need to put several tools in one pocket to keep them secure and upright
  • Bag organization system could have been designed better

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8. DEWALT 16-Inch Tool Bag – Perfect for Tradesman

Featuring a large interior and a pop open design, the DEWALT 16-inch Tool Bag allows you to easily access tools and parts with fourteen interior pockets and one zippered pocket to keep valuables secure making it a great choice for contractors.

The heavy-duty, smooth double pull zipper is durable and outperforms expectations. The DeWalt Tool Bag is also constructed of ballistic, heavy-duty poly fabric that outlasts its competitors and also features four base pads that protect the bottom from getting dirty and wet.

With thirteen interior pockets, you can secure your valuables for better accessibility and, with reinforced edges, corners, and bottom base pads, you have added wear resistance. The shoulder strap is adjustable and features a non-slip padded design with a non-slip handle to make carrying your bag more comfortable.

  • Very durable, can take the abuse of the worksite
  • Internal pockets keep everything organized
  • Top will stay open while you search for things
  • Need sleeves that are useful for hacksaws and hand saws
  • Need more pockets for small tools

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9. Gatemouth Hard Tote – Most Versatile Bag for Plumbers or Painters

When you want a tool bag that is built to last, the Gatemouth Hard Tote is ideal for tool storage when you are on the go. Constructed with a double wall 600 poly ripstop fabric that is wear-resistant, this is an excellent tote for DIYers and professionals like plumbers.

Featuring side storage mesh pockets with elastic trim, the Gatemouth Hard Tote also includes a steel handle that is equipped with a comfortable rubber foam grip and eight total pockets that are reinforced and twelve inner tool loops for a great storage solution.

This tote is good for more than just holding tools. This durable and handy tote can be used for carrying cleaning or craft supplies. It includes a variety of pockets styles including three mesh, four open, and one zipper, plus the tool loops give you plenty of storage option for small tools and parts. A handy metal tape clip is also included.

  • Great choice for tools, even holds a tape measure
  • Great size, can take it anywhere
  • Sturdy and good for holding daily work tools
  • Feels like there is cardboard under the fabric so you don’t want to get that wet
  • Pockets aren’t quite tall enough for some tools

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10. Rothco Canvas – Best Jumbo Bag

The Rothco Mechanic Tool Bag is a heavy duty product measuring 17.5 x 9.5 x 6.5 inches. Constructed with a heavyweight 100 cotton canvas material, the Rothco Mechanic Tool Bag is durable and has a hard fiber bottom for extra sturdiness.

This is a military-style device that includes a heavy duty nylon zipper for the main compartment. It also includes a total of 12 interior tool pouches for a variety of storage options for tools and parts. This is a roomy tool bag that allows you to carry the tools you need to the worksite to finish the job.

  • Sturdy feeling, good material thickness
  • Include more pockets that are not seen in the description
  • You can nest quite a few tools into this roomy product
  • Material is a cheap canvas
  • Side pockets should be zippered, not buttoned

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How to Choose the Best Tool Bag?

What are the features you should check in your choice of the best tool bag? Here are a few tips that can be helpful enough.

  • Level of construction

The best tool bag should be the one that comes with plenty of features that suits your tools and their storage needs. If you are using more massive tools, you should go with heavy duty tool bags. There are some tools that can be kept open, and an open top tool bag can be an excellent option for locating your tools.

  • Material of Construction

Ideally, used material can be nylon and canvas. However, some tool bags come with a variety of other materials as well. Make sure you go with heavy-duty tool bags that really stand the test of time.

  • Pockets

This is one of the best options you need to look out on your choice of the best tool bag. The pockets will be dependent on the exact number of tools you carry. The new tool bag you are choosing should be such that it simplifies your tasks. Choose the vertical and horizontal pockets that can help you make a choice.

  • Straps

The strap is an integral part of your tool bag. It decides how effective it is to take the load of the tools and distribute the weight across your body. A few of the tool bags come with removable straps that can be much helpful enough in better management.

Tool bags do come in different shapes and sizes. The above discussion should have helped you make a well-informed choice in choosing the perfect and best tool bag ever.

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