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Who Sells Stamps? A Guide To Where Can You Buy Stamps

Where Can You Buy Stamps: In today’s time, you will hardly come across people that prefer sending emails to their loved ones via postal services. With the advent of technology today, we have an instant messaging system and mobile phones with the help of which we can connect to our loved ones instantly whenever we want. With the help of technology, we can not only message our dear ones but also interact with them over call and video chat. This has truly made our life so much easier than before. Today, we can reach out to our family and friends whenever we want. Gone are the days when we had to write letters to our loved ones and had to wait for days to get it delivered and then for them to respond. With the help of technology, we can now connect with them within less than a second and even see them via a video chat.

It is true that with the advancement of technology the postal services have received a major blow. The once flourishing industry has now drastically shrunk in its operation. However, in spite of all the technology available to us, postal services still continue to exist because of one major reason and that is the delivery of parcels and gifts. We may not write letters anymore but what do we do when it comes to delivering a parcel to our loved ones? We cannot use our mobile phones to deliver a parcel of course and this is where the need for a postal service comes into the scene. In order to catch up with the growing technology, even the postal services have become fast in their services compared to before. Not only that but most of the postal services today even have their own website. Thus, we can see the development in these sectors as well.

where can you buy stamps

Who Sells Stamps? A Guide To Where You Can Buy Stamps

Speaking of postal services, have you ever faced a situation that you have to send a parcel to one of your friends or family members but you can’t find a stamp anywhere. It may be an annoying situation for you since you may have grown out of practice by using the postal services. If you are someone who doesn’t know where to look for a postage stamp then, you have come to the right place seeking for information because in this write-up we are going to discuss all the possible places where you can look for postal stamps and also explore some of the important things related to postage stamps.

Places Where You Can Buy Stamps

For your convenience, we have listed all the possible places where you can buy stamps. Whether you want to buy stamps in bulk or just a few of them, these are the places that you should look for. After going through the list of places it is completely up to your convenience that from where you decide to buy your stamps. Having said that now, let’s have look at the number of places where stamps are available.

Walmart and Other Groceries


Most of the big towns and cities have a Walmart and if not, then there has to be some other big grocery store from where you can easily get as many stamps as you want. Most of these big grocery stores stay open till late at night or even round the clock so, no matter at which time of the day you need a stamp you can get it. Walmart is a place where you can get the postage stamps. Other than that if you need writing paper or some wrapping paper along with a few envelopes you can get them too under the same roof. Big groceries like Walmart is the most convenient place to go for stamp buying since you can get all the other necessities there as well.

Banks and Other Financial Institutions

bank of america

Banks is yet another place where you can go looking for stamps. But the only problem with banks is that they do not stay open at all times and that too they have limited working hours. To top it all banks stay closed even on the weekends. So even if you can get stamps from a bank, it may not be a good idea since you may not avail it at the time of your need because it may have already closed down. Also, banks cannot supply you with the other necessary stuff like writing paper and envelope like the groceries. However, for your knowledge banks is one of the places that do supply you with stamps and in most of the cities and towns, there are more than one or two banks. Other than banks even some of the financial institutions are known to keep stamps for their customers. So if, you know any financial institution that deals in stamps then you can visit them for your needs.

Gas Stations


In comparison to banks, gas stations stay open for a longer period of time. In fact, you can even avail of their services late at night. However, not all gas stations sell stamps so that’s a problem there. Before, you approach a gas station you need to be sure of the fact that they sell stamps or else it will be a wastage of time for you. It’s completely up to the gas station whether or not they want to sell stamps. It would be much easier if all of them supplied stamps as most of the gas stations stay open 24/7.


The next place where you can look for stamps is a pharmacy. But again there is no guarantee that whether a local pharmacy carries stamps or not. In the case of pharmacies usually, the big ones have stamps while the small ones stick to their usual business of selling medicines. So before, you approach a pharmacy to make sure that they have a stock of stamps to give it to you.


ATMs are one of the new places that started to supply stamps to the customers. Since this is a relatively new development, not all ATMs have stamps available to them. Only a few of the new ATMs have stamps. Therefore, you need to first find out the ATMs that supply stamps and then approach them or else it will just be wastage of time for you. However, you can expect this service to spread over time. Once it does, you can get stamps easily from your nearest ATM.

Office Supplies

This has been a slow development but even office retail suppliers nowadays, have stamps to offer to you. After all, these are the retailers that have been supplying materials needed for mailing for a long time now. Therefore, this development was expected out of them sooner or later and now that they have started with it you can avail of their services whenever you need it. There are few of the big office retail suppliers that have a huge collection of stamps while the small ones may have only a limited collection.


Yes, even Amazon is one of the places rather an online site from where you can get stamps. It’s not just a site from where you can buy electronics and other items but you can also get stamps from their site. However, you cannot buy a single piece of the stamp when buying from Amazon instead you will have to buy stamps by the sheet. But the good part is that the prices of the stamps provided by Amazon are more or less the same which basically means that it won’t affect your savings. Amazon’s buying stamps have become more convenient. The only problem that you will face when buying stamps from Amazon is that you won’t get it instantly. You may have to wait for a day or two for it to get it delivered just like any other good. So if you are in urgent need of stamps then you will have to opt for some other option other than an online retailer like Amazon.

Postal Services

The most obvious place to look for stamps is at the postal services of your area, state or region. The fact that they are running a postal service they are bound to keep stamps. But even postal services have limited working hours so if you do not approach them within their working hours you cannot avail of their services. Also, if your postal service has a website of its own then you can even visit their site and order as many numbers of stamps you want. You can even order one or two stamps if, you want.

So these are the places where you can get stamps at the time of your need. It is advised that you buy stamps by the sheet so, that you don’t have to go out and get it every time when you send a post. There are so many places that you can go to for buying stamps even if one option is closed you can simply to the other. Thus, buying stamps is not at all a big deal only if you know the right places to look into. Now that you know about all the places where you can look for stamps, there is no need for you to panic when you run out of stamps. All you need to do is either sit and order it from Amazon or go out to any bank or big grocery store in order to get it.

Why Do You Need To Use A Postage Stamp?

Have you ever wondered why do we have to use a stamp on an mail? If not, then you should because having knowledge about basic things is always good. In case if you are not aware of why we use a postage stamp on every mail we send then we have the answer for you right here. A postage stamp helps your parcel to get delivered to its destination to its recipient. The stamps that we use in our mail or parcels serve as the monetary system of the mailing system. A postage stamp along with the postmark assures the postmaster that you have paid the required fees for your order. Therefore, every time when you send a mail or a parcel to your friend or family via postal services you are required to use a postage stamp or else it will not be delivered.

Other than the above mentioned reasons a postage stamp is also required for the proper delivery understanding of your parcel or mail. To put it in other words, with the help of a postage stamp the postmaster can understand the type of delivery that needs to be done in your mail. Not only that but it also indicates the location and the function of your mail. Like for example, whether it is a government mail or a military mail or just a regular mail.

Thus, after going through the above mentioned points by now it should be clear to you that without a postage stamp you cannot send your mail to its destination. A stamp is absolutely necessary when you have to send a mail via postal services. If your mail or parcel doesn’t have a stamp pasted on it you can be assured that it won’t get delivered. So for the ones who thought that postage stamps are just for show and they do not serve any purpose should rethink again because now you know the worth of a postage stamp. So if you are in need of buying a postage stamp then you can look it at the various places that are mentioned above.

Why Do We Use A Postage Stamp On The To-Right Corner?

Have you ever wondered that why do we have to place a postage stamp on the top-right corner of the mail or the parcel? Or what happens when you placed it on the top-left or anywhere else on the envelope? Well, let’s find out why!

The fact that sending a mail or a parcel will cost you very little might as well you follow the few simple rules that it has. Speaking of which one of the main rules of sending a mail is to place the stamp on the top-right corner and why not anywhere else? Well, to answer your question we will have to explore a little bit of history here. Postage stamps were first introduced in the year 1847 in the United Kingdom. Back at that time, there existed a lot of confusion regarding the placement of postage stamps. According to Daniel Piazza, Chief Curator of Philately, placement of the stamps became important only when most of the stamps started to get canceled individually by the postal clerks. After which with the introduction of the high-speed cancelling machines back in the 1890’s the placement of postage stamps in the top-right corner started to become more important in order to be as efficient as possible. It is said that the placement of the postage stamps coincided with the right hand of most of the mail handlers. Well, this may have upset the left handlers, you never know!

Today the same practice has become more about optical scanning at the mail distribution centers. To put it in simple words, if the stamp is not placed at the top-right corner of the mail the pair of human eyes tend to wonder over the rest of the envelope in search of it. In case if you place the postage stamp somewhere else on the envelope, your letter won’t be thrown away. However, placing it at the top right corner only helps in speeding up the delivery process so it might as well stick to the rules.

Well, now you know why postage stamps are preferably placed at the top-right corner of an envelope. So next time when you write a mail or decide to send a parcel to make sure that you place it in the right place for the faster delivery of your mail

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