Best Cheap Treadmills – Do NOT Buy Before Reading 2021

Best Cheap Treadmills: With the increasing software jobs and people working for many hours by sitting near the desks. The concentration of doing exercise has reduced. Due to lack of time people were not concentrating on their health. They were unable to do the walking, jogging, or running kind of exercises by going out of their home. Even they are not doing yoga kind of meditation exercises at home. This may gradually affect their health and one day they will feel so bad for the mistakes they have done in the past.

So the best thing is to have any exercising machine at home. To have a better feel and interest in doing exercises it is advisable to purchase the treadmills for home use. As it is for the home purpose you should choose the best cheap treadmills available in the market. To purchase the cheapest treadmill you need to have an idea of the parameters you have to consider while purchasing it.

Best Cheap Treadmills

Types of Treadmills

  • Manual treadmill

It needs huge manpower to operate and there will be fewer features to note down the calories burnt and also there won’t be any timer. But it costs less and hence recommendable for the people who can’t invest more money in buying the treadmill for home purposes.

  • Motorized treadmill

This will have a motor and also will have advanced features like timer and indicator of showing calories burnt. This is mostly recommended for the medium and high class people who can invest enough money in purchasing it. And it is the must and should model the business people need to buy for their gym studios.

Best Budget Treadmills Under $300

1. MaxKare Electric Treadmill Foldable

The MaxKare Electric Treadmill is another folding budget option that shows off good value for the sub-$300 price tag.

It features a decent 1.5 HP motor that powers speeds of up to 7.5mph, which makes it great for walking and light jogging. The belt isn’t particularly big at 17” x 43.5”, but this suits the lower top speeds.


  • Decent 1.5 HP motor with top speeds of up to 7.5mph
  • Features 12 built-in workout programs to get you started
  • Track folds upwards and unit wheels away for easier storage
  • Includes heart rate monitor pulse grips built into the handles
  • Small belt dimensions only suits smaller strides
  • Top speed of 7.5mph won’t cater well for runners

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2. SereneLife Smart Digital Folding Treadmill

SereneLife SLFTRD18 Treadmill is perfect for training at home. Its size is optimal – it does not take much space, but it will be convenient to use. It is possible to train users weighing up to 265 lbs. The covering of the Running Deck does not slip. Maintenance does not take much time and can be performed by any owner. This will increase the lifetime of the Treadmill.


For easy storage, SereneLife Treadmill provides the ability to conveniently fold the equipment and using the transport wheels to move it to the right place. It doesn’t take up much space.

  • High-quality design and powerful quiet motor
  • Good running deck size and weight limit up to 265 lbs
  • Large LCD screen
  • Safe and practical use
  • Free app for iOS and Android
  • Not all users are satisfied with the size of the track
  • There were difficulties with the Assembly

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3. Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Series

Similarly, Weslo cadence is the famous treadmill manufacturer for the cheap and popular treadmill. Specially, The Weslo Cadence R 5.9 Treadmill is the best seller treadmill on Amazon.

The manufacturer offers this treadmill with a price of about $300. It has many user-friendly features that you can really enjoy your workout.


  • 2.5 HP cool and smooth motor,
  • Two-position manual incline,
  • It offers a large tread belt size,
  • Foldable and it consumed less space for storing,
  • Large LCD that show accurate workout data,
  • Suitable for personal uses,
  • Comfortable cell cushioning,
  • It allows up to 275lbs users bodyweight.,
  • Easily the heart rate monitor.
  • Manual incline,
  • Less warranty period only for 90 days of parts.

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4. ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill

The ProGear 190 is our editor’s choice because of all the beneficial features it has. This treadmill’s construction is incredibly sturdy, lightweight, and compact. It’s made with a strong steel frame that’s powder-coated to prevent wear. The handlebars are wider for added safety. You’re able to grip the bars on the side or in front of you for stability. These handlebars are covered in soft foam which is non-slip for a firmer grip. The foam is gentle on the hands so you don’t get calluses when you’re working out.


  • Weight capacity of 230lbs
  • Has two incline settings
  • Comes with transport wheels
  • Has long handles
  • Only weighs 49lbs
  • Best treadmill under $300
  • Doesn’t have speed settings
  • No workout programs

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5. XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

At the top of the rankings, we find the XTERRA TR150 electric treadmill, it is a foldable and compact treadmill, takes up little space both open and closed, and is easy to store, thanks to the roller wheels. This treadmill is very simple to use and perfect for home use with three different inclinations.


The variety of programs is particularly interesting with this model. It has four speeds and twelve preset programs, which allow you to simulate natural terrain. Furthermore, it is equipped with a large panel with buttons for selecting speed and program.

  • 2.25HP motor with a 1-year warranty
  • Sturdy steel frame construction
  • Lack of gadgets to break
  • Safety & durability features
  • Wide running board
  • Lack of automatic power off

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How to Choose Best Cheap Treadmill

Here we are providing the parameters you need to choose while purchasing the best cheap treadmill.

  • Purpose

If you are choosing the treadmill for home purpose then you need to select the one which suits all of your family members. The range of features which you need to consider is less but if you are purchasing the treadmill for business purposes you need to select the product with a wide range of features. While purchasing if to keep in gym studio you need to attract many customers with the best equipment you provide and also as you need to purchase many treadmills choose the best inexpensive treadmills for your gym space.

  • Size of the belt

The running surface should be wider and longer enough for all the people who are doing it. The wider the surface is the more comfortable the people feel. This means the size of the belt should be maximum enough to do exercises for a long time. Along with the size, the belt should be stronger enough without getting damaged within less time. For home, purpose chooses the size which can fit your room. You may feel discomfort able if it occupies more space than the recommendable space of your room. Mostly the larger sizes need to be chosen for business purposes as the gym studios will be spacious enough.

  • Speed

The speed range should be wider enough. As it will be used by a wide range of age people. The people initially start at lower speeds and then thy gradually increases their speed. The operation to increase or decrease the speed should be easier. Choose the cheapest treadmill with better speed control.

  • Incline position

While doing the running on the treadmill it is advisable to change the base position to somewhat like 20 percent of inclination. Choose the treadmills for home use with the better incline position

  • Cushion

The days on which you do the running should absorb the shock and heat which is getting generated while you are running. It should also give you better foot support and shouldn’t make a slip. Choose the cheapest treadmill with efficient material that gives you better cushion support. The hands support path should also provide a better grip for your convenient running.

  • Stable feature

The stability of the treadmill is very important. It shouldn’t get a shake and move when you are running even at high speeds. So the frame of the base should be strong and stable enough and need to hold the floor firmly.

  • Control panel

The features provided on the control panel should be understandable and should be operated able even for the lower educated people. The readings should be accurate enough. The calories being burnt should be displayed automatically. The timer needs to work efficiently and the treadmill needs to be stopped as per the user requirement. Choose the best cheap treadmills with high-end control panel features.

  • Warranty

Based on your usage the treadmill may get repaired in less time. If you are using it for home purpose generally you won’t get any problems for a longer time. But it is for business purpose as many people will use it may get damaged within less time. So you need to choose the company product which gives you a more warranty period.

  • Price

Choose the best cheap treadmills in the market with the help of the parameters provided above. The treadmill’s lowest price will start from around 5000 rupees. It is sufficient enough for home purposes.

  • Safety

Safety plays a major role because if the motorized treadmill does not stop as per the timer there are high chances of losing your energy in falling down. This may risk even your life. There should be an alert button that stops the machine immediately once you press it.

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